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Brooks Koepka girlfriend
200K+ searches

#1 Most searched for today. Now this seems like it would be a real search simply because you would think oh yeah everyone saw this hot chick and they definitely know the name of the Guy she’s with Brooks Koepka? Who? seriously we have heard of him he is the #3 golf player in the world I guess it goes by how many they have won or how much money. But the reason we know its a paid search is because a really good PR person would say Okay we get 2 for the Price of 1, “Keywords” that is, AND she, Jena Sims the “girlfiend” does look hot. SO just in case he decides to dump her or she wants to go out on her own the PR guys have them both covered. Good Job PR Man worth every penny. PR man says lets do a Paid Search campaign for “Brooks Koepka girlfriend”. We here at are conflicted about this one because of the 2 for 1 obfuscation. LOL look it up if you don’t know for sure. But here is a vid of the Brush off Kiss off and some Insti-pics of her I couldn’t care less about golf and am a heterosexual so we picked her, not that he is bad looking…….
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Robert F. Smith
200K+ searches

#2 most searched for He is a Billionaire Paying off Morehouse College Student Loans. I am searching for him myself. Now I will make this general comment not about F. Smith in particular but anyone who can become a Billionaire in less than 10 years has to be gaming the system. In fact they all are (all the new Billionaire’s) think about it, would have been almost impossible before the internet. Now our cash less society and the stock market/gambling has become rampant and is essentially built in to our economic system. All it takes is a little luck and some insider trading a payoff here and there and “POOF” your a Billionaire! .
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Game of Thrones finale
100K+ searches

#3 Thank God its over it was over for me about 3 years ago the 1st year I binge watched the entire first 4 seasons. The visual effects and the story itself are still awesome, but IMHO this is one of those tv shows that you watch once and you never need to watch another one or the same episode ever again.

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Eibar vs Barcelona
50K+ searches

#4 sports related soccer is big but this is some boring a$$ $#!#! IMHO so Please don’t be offended it might be the best game ever played!
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Malcolm X
50K+ searches

#5 definitely a paid for search. I figure this is partly a “Paid for Search” just to make sure it gets in to our Top 40 list of course? According to the article from Nicaragua he “Malcolm X” would be 94? what kind of an anniversary is that? Oh that’s it, it’s his birthday today Happy Birthday M X. Now if he was still alive it would be a Birthday for sure.Now that he is dead I guess its an anniversary? Good question either way Happy Malcolm X Day.And Needless to say we are glad to see old “X” in our Top40’s Most searched for today, Here is some historical video and insta-pics..
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Melvin Edmonds
50K+ searches

#6 Melvin Edmonds who? After 7, what, when? Paid search maybe? This is one I have never heard of not that I have heard of much. But I guess it’s just a slow news day and Google doesn’t want to be seen as biased LOL On the other Hand “BabyFace” (Who I have heard of’s) older brother Melvin Edmonds probably had millions of fans on the D.L.
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Real Madrid vs Real Betis
50K+ searches

#7 on any given day this soccer team or any other day that a nationally known soccer team is scheduled to play or already played a match, they could be in the “Top 40”. It’s just that big a thing and getting bigger. Soccer Fans that is I mean the numbers of fans are growing exponentially. I honestly believe it’s because soccer is a more classic and “real” game. In other words soccer has been around a lot longer than, the, let’s call it the NFL and you don’t have to be on steroids to play soccer.

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