Top 40 People in the media for 03/06/2019

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#1 R. Kelly • Chicago R. Kelly was “unhinged” in interview with Gayle King, columnist says

R. Kelly Sent Back to Jail for Not Paying Child SupportR. Kelly, center, arriving at court in Chicago on Wednesday for a child support hearing. He was taken into custody afterward.CreditAshlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times, via Associated Press

R. Kelly, center, arriving at court in Chicago on Wednesday for a child support hearing. He was taken into custody afterward.CreditCreditAshlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times, via Associated Press

By Elizabeth A. Harris

  • March 6, 2019

Barely a week after he was bailed out of jail while facing sex abuse charges, R. Kelly was taken back into custody on Wednesday following a hearing over his failure to pay child support, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mr. Kelly was ordered last month to pay his ex-wife Andrea Kelly $161,663 in child support, according to The Chicago Sun-Times, about $30,000 less than the total he owes her. They had three children together. “Surviving R. Kelly,” a Lifetime documentary that aired in January, said that since the couple divorced in 2009, Mr. Kelly stopped paying child support on “several occasions.”

“I’m in foreclosure court on my house,” Ms. Kelly said in the documentary. “Why? Robert stopped paying child support as a way to punish me.”

His return to jail came just hours after the airing of his first interview since he was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in connection with four women, three of whom prosecutors say were underage at the time. He was released last week on a $100,000 bond paid by a friend after several days in which he apparently struggled to come up with the money.

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#3 Odell Beckham Jr. • Cleveland Browns • NFL • Cleveland Indians “My enemies send each other the texts that they could never send me…”

"My enemies send each other the texts that they could never send me..."

470k Likes, 3,881 Comments - Odell Beckham Jr (@obj) on Instagram: ""My enemies send each other the texts that they could never send me...""


Odell Beckham Jr. Quells Rumors That He Doesn’t Date Black Women

“I’m all for vibes, no matter what [you] are,” the football player stated.


Christina Santi


March 6, 2019

Odell Beckham Jr. arrives to the 2018 ESPY Awards on July 18, 2018 in Hollywood, CA (Credit: DFree /

NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. said Monday that the notion he isn’t attracted to Black women is false.

Beckham, like most celebrities, is no stranger to the gossip on social media. The Giants player decided to respond to a fan who tweeted that her crush on him doesn’t matter because she’s Black.

After a user named Lance randomly asked, “If you could sleep with one celebrity, who would it be?”

A woman using the moniker @AlwaysAboutMeme, replied “@obj [agony emojis] but they say he doesn’t like [Black Women].”

Level Up @AlwaysAboutMeme

@obj  but they say he doesn’t like BW

Lance @Sole_less

If you could sleep with one celebrity who would it be? Drop a gif of your response.I’ll start

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Show Media111:54 PM - Mar 4, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

See Level Up 's other Tweets

Less than five minutes after the post, Beckham responded.

“They say a lot. Listening to ‘they’ won’t get us far in life,” he wrote. “That’s something ‘they’ made up! I’m all for vibes, no matter what u are! No [cap].”

Level Up @AlwaysAboutMeme · Mar 4, 2019

@obj  but they say he doesn’t like BW

Odell Beckham [email protected]

They say a lot. Listening to “they” won’t get us far in life. That’s something ‘they’ made up! I’m all for vibes, no matter what u are! No

2311:58 PM - Mar 4, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

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Beckham is known for his outgoing personality but he has been guarded when it comes to publicly sharing about his dating life. As a result, many rumors circulate about his sexuality and his platonic friendships with women.

In 2015, the New York Daily News reported NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin said the wide receiver is taunted with gay slurs.

“For some reason, everybody goes after him with gay slurs,” Irvin told the news outlet. “He’s a different kind of dude. He has the hairdo out, he’s not the big muscular kind of dude. The ladies all love him. He’s a star. I wonder why people are going in that direction. It blows my mind. I told him he can’t let stuff that people say get to you.”

Model and actress Amber Rose denied rumors that she and Odell were dating after they were spotted at the Coachella music festival in April 2017.

“No you know what Odell is literally one of my best friends in the entire world,” Rose told the Jasmine Brand. “We are very very close, very tight, we talk a lot.” She also attempted to dispel the rumors about him being gay.

Beckham has been vocal that he is in love with his football career.

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#6 Alex Trebek • Jeopardy Host • Jeopardy! • Pancreatic cancer OH MY GOD!! I swear 2019 Is TRYING IT already!! Ughh I only got two words for this…FUCK CANCER….???Like Honestly…#alextrebek #jeopardy

OH MY GOD!! I swear 2019 Is TRYING IT already!! Ughh I only got two words for this...FUCK CANCER....???Like Honestly...#alextrebek #jeopardy

1,594 Likes, 30 Comments - Before They Were Famous (@mccruddenm) on Instagram: "OH MY GOD!! I swear 2019 Is TRYING IT already!! Ughh I only got two words for this...FUCK..."


'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek says he’s been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancerBy Eliza

"Now normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working," he said. "And with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also, I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease."

Taking a lighter note, Trebek then quipped that he'd have to recover in order to fulfill his hosting duties.

"Truth told, I have to! Because under the terms of my contract, I have to host 'Jeopardy!' for three more years!" he said. "So help me. Keep the faith and we’ll win. We’ll get it done. Thank you."

He offered the update on his health, he said, to be "open and transparent" with fans of the TV show.



Trebek's plan at this point is to at least work through and complete the show's ongoing season, TMZ reported. The season typically runs through the end of July. He has hosted the show since 1984.

"Jeopardy!" alum Ken Jennings, who won more consecutive games than any other contestant on the show, tweeted after the news surfaced.

"I’ve said this before but Alex Trebek is in a way the last Cronkite: authoritative, reassuring TV voice you hear every night, almost to the point of ritual."

Ken [email protected]

I’ve said this before but Alex Trebek is in a way the last Cronkite: authoritative, reassuring TV voice you hear every night, almost to the point of ritual.

12.2K5:15 PM - Mar 6, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

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Fox News' Julius Young contributed to this report.

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#8 Matt Rife I’m the J.R.R. Tolkien of sending dick pics ??‍♂️ #TagAFriendWhoTalksABigGame

I'm the J.R.R. Tolkien of sending dick pics ??‍♂️ #TagAFriendWhoTalksABigGame

8,823 Likes, 162 Comments - Matt Rife (@mattrife) on Instagram: "I'm the J.R.R. Tolkien of sending dick pics ??‍♂️ #TagAFriendWhoTalksABigGame"


Kate Beckinsale’s ex Matt Rife tells Pete Davidson to ‘Run’


Mar 6th 2019 10:39AM

Bad feelings? Kate Beckinsale’s ex-boyfriend Matt Rife has some super shady advice for her new man, Pete Davidson.

“Advice for Pete? Man to man … run,” Rife, 23, told TMZ on Monday, March 4. “Enjoy it while you can. I hope they’re both happy. I hope that it can build to where it’s an established, good relationship.”

Despite his less-than-kind remark, the former TLC host told the outlet that he wishes both Beckinsale, 45, and Davidson, 25, “the best.”

“I hope they’re happy,” Rife said. “I don’t really have any solid advice. Just be careful.”

He added: “We dated for a year … it was complicated. For sure. A lot of ups and downs. But she’s moved on.”

Rife and Beckinsale were first linked in 2017 following her divorce from ex-husband Len Wiseman.

They were last spotted together in September 2018.

More recently, the Underwood star has been spending time with Davidson. The pair, who were first seen together at a Golden Globes afterparty in January, packed on the PDA at a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, March 3.

“Kate is so into Pete and has been telling all her friends about him,” a source previously told Us Weekly. “They have great chemistry, and she loves hanging out with him whenever they get the chance to. She has such a fun, young, loving personality.”

The British actress shares 20-year-old daughter Lily with ex Michael Sheen, whom she dated from 1995 to 2003. The Saturday Night Live comedian, for his part, called off his four-month engagement to Ariana Grande in October 2018.

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#11 Jack Dorsey

Instagram post by Jack Dorsey * Jun 22, 2018 at 10:58am UTC

125 Likes, 45 Comments - Jack Dorsey (@jackdorsey_square) on Instagram


Twitter's Jack Dorsey says company was probably 'way too aggressive' in banning certain accountsBy Christopher Carbone | Fox News

Twitter CEO admits they were 'too aggressive' in banning conservatives

Jack Dorsey admits mistakes were made during an interview.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the platform has been too aggressive in banning certain accounts during a wide-ranging discussion about how right-wing activists have been treated.

During an appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast, the tech executive and his chief legal officer, Vijaya Gadde, discussed a range of controversies surrounding Twitter's banning of accounts in the wake of harassment, hate speech or other violations of its policies.

The company has been accused by people on all sides of the political spectrum of allowing extremism to flourish and having policies that are not enforced or are applied arbitrarily.

The discussion touched on several controversial topics but focused mostly on the "learn to code" tweets that were sent to journalists as part of a coordinated harassment campaign last month. The memes, which originated on 4chan, were then shared by a wider number of Twitter accounts and contained threatening or violent language and images.


Dorsey told Rogan that the company had researched the incidents, finding there were "thousands and thousands" of tweets being directed at a small number of journalists and that many of those sending them were accounts that had been specifically created to evade a ban.

Gadde explained that their research showed how the phrase was apparently part of what the company calls a "pile-on," during which a vast volume of tweets is being sent to one person. She reportedly defended the fact that many of the people had been kicked off the platform since many of the tweets were being used alongside harassment and threats.

Twitter's legal chief also said that the company would learn from its past mistakes.

"Where we draw a line is when people use their voice and their platform to use their voice to silence someone else on the platform," Gadde said on the podcast. "It’s rare for us to outright ban someone without warning."

However, Dorsey then seemed to backtrack regarding some of the bans.


According to The Independent, the Twitter CEO said the bans were probably the consequence of "our team having a lack of context into what's happening as well."

He later said that Twitter "would fully admit we were probably way too aggressive when we first saw this, as well."

A source familiar with the topics raised on Joe Rogan's podcast told Fox News the company would like to be less focused on a purely enforcement-based system and think more broadly about how to educate the platform's users about its rules and policies — so they don't violate them in the first place or become repeat offenders.

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#13 Martha McSally We’re enjoying the Tucson snow! ❄️

We're enjoying the Tucson snow! ❄️

666 Likes, 22 Comments - Senator Martha McSally (@senmcsallyaz) on Instagram: "We're enjoying the Tucson snow! ❄️"


Arizona Sen. Martha McSally Says She Was Raped While In The Air Force

Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., testified on Wednesday that she was raped while serving in the Air Force.

Matt York/AP

Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., said Wednesday that while in the Air Force, she was raped by a superior officer.

The dramatic revelation came as she testified before a Senate Armed Services subcommittee hearing on sexual assault in the military.

I was preyed upon and raped by a superior officer," McSally told the hearing in her opening statement.

She testified that she blamed herself, adding, "I was ashamed and confused." She said she did not report her assault, saying, "I didn't trust the system at the time."

Later in her career, McSally said, she felt the need to let some people know that "I too was a survivor." McSally said she was "horrified" at how her attempt to share her experiences was handled and that she almost left the Air Force.

"Like many victims," McSally said, "I felt like the system was raping me all over again."

McSally served 26 years in the Air Force, becoming the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat. She served two terms in the House and ran for the Senate last year, losing to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. McSally was then appointed to the late Sen. John McCain's seat.

During her 2018 campaign, McSally said she was assaulted by a coach in high school. McSally's testimony follows Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, saying in January thatshe had been raped while in college.

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#16 Klay Thompson Facts or nah? • Follow me @klayithompson for more Klay Thompson content ??.

Facts or nah? * Follow me @klayithompson for more Klay Thompson content ??.

3,392 Likes, 62 Comments - Klay Thompson (@klayithompson) on Instagram: "Facts or nah? * Follow me @klayithompson for more Klay Thompson content ??."

Klay Thompson could miss third straight game

Thompson, Livingston questionable for showdown against Denver; Looney will return

. (Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group)Klay Thompson, who has missed the last two games because of sore knee,, might not play Friday night against Denver.

By JEFF FARAUDO | Correspondent

March 6, 2019 at 1:23 pm

OAKLAND — Kevon Looney practiced on Wednesday and is expected to play Friday when the Warriors face Denver, but Klay Thompson and Shaun Livingston did not join the team for workouts and remain questionable.

Looney, the Warriors’ backup center, missed the past two games with right pelvic soreness. “He’s feeling better,” coach Steve Kerr said. “I expect him to play.”

Thompson, nursing a sore right knee, also missed his second straight game Tuesday when the Warriors lost 128-95 to the Boston Celtics. He underwent an MRI that was clean, so the Warriors aren’t concerned the situation is serious.

Livingston sat out the Celtics game with neck spasms.

“Klay and Shaun are still questionable,” Kerr said.

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#19 Mario Batali I feel immense sadness and strong kinship with all the women who have endured disgusting behavior brought on by powerful men, same for the rest of us who have endured by less powerful men. But it brings me an insane amount of joy to watch these fuckers drop like flies. #mariobatali

Mario Batali exits restaurant business 15 months after sexual misconduct allegationsZlati Meyer, USA TODAYPublished 3:27 p.m. ET March 6, 2019 | Updated 4:32 p.m. ET March 6, 2019

Mario Batali is stepping back from his restaurant empire and was dropped as a host of ABC's 'The Chew' amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. Time

Beleaguered chef and former TV star Mario Batali is leaving the restaurant business.

Batali, who's been accused of harassing and sexually assaulting women, sold his shares in the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group this week, the company said in an e-mail, adding that the deal terms are confidential. The Batali & Bastianich name is also going away.

Batali will soon end his affiliation with upscale Italian marketplace company Eataly, too, according to the New York Times.

Attempts to reach Eataly were unsuccessful.

The Bastianich family is well-known in the restaurant world. Matriarch Lidia Bastianich has six restaurants, is a best-selling cookbook author and an Emmy award-winning television host. Her son Joe is a noted restaurateur. 

Embattled chef and ex-TV star Mario Batali is exiting the restaurant business. (Photo: Getty Images)

Lawsuit: Woman claims Mario Batali forcibly kissed, groped her

The industry responds: Suburban N.Y. chefs react to Mario Batali sexual harassment allegations

“I have reached an agreement with Joe and no longer have any stake in the restaurants we built together. I wish him the best of luck in the future," Batali said in a statement to the Times.

The Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group said it now has 16 restaurants. The two Bastianichs plus their daughter/sister Tanya Bastianich Manuali, who's worked for her mother's empire, and chef and former Batali business partner Nancy Silverton will be involved in the new business.

"Each restaurant is its own business, so the ownership of each varies somewhat from restaurant to restaurant," the company said in an e-mail. "Tanya and Joe have shares in all of the restaurants in which Mario had interests. Nancy, Lidia and others already have ownership interests in some of the restaurants."

Joe Bastianich issued a statement in which he apologized and acknowledged that people were hurt by Batali's alleged behavior.

“While I never saw or heard of Mario groping an employee, I heard him say inappropriate things to our employees," he said. "Though I criticized him for it from time to time, I should have done more. I neglected my responsibilities as I turned my attention away from the restaurants."

The Times cites anonymous ex-employees who said that they didn't believe Bastianich was unaware of Batali's alleged behavior.

A spokesman for Joe Bastianich declined to comment.

Welcome aboard: Businesses hire high-skill workers even if there's no job for them. Here's why

Starting a small business? Avoid these five mistakes

Batali's downfall began in December 2017 when the food website Eater New York posted a story featuring women's allegations that he'd touched them inappropriately.

“I apologize to the people I have mistreated and hurt," Eater quoted him as saying at the time. "Although the identities of most of the individuals mentioned in these stories have not been revealed to me, much of the behavior described does, in fact, match up with ways I have acted. That behavior was wrong and there are no excuses. I take full responsibility and am deeply sorry for any pain, humiliation or discomfort I have caused to my peers, employees, customers, friends and family."

Reports of his alleged sexual misconduct prompted police investigations.

Batali was well-known even in nonfoodie circles, thanks to numerous cookbooks, a line of pasta sauces and TV appearances from the Food Network series "Molto Mario" to a co-host gig on the daytime show "The Chew."

According to his website, he splits his time between New York and Northport, Michigan.

Late 2017 was the height of the #MeToo movement, which saw victims, most of whom were women, coming forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment in a variety of industries from Hollywood to technology, media to music, advertising to academia.

The Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group said that last year, it made "a significant improvement" to its harassment policies and oversight by enabling employees who want to make claims against a corporate officer or owner to contact its "outside investigatory firm, which has discretion to independently investigate complaints and report to outside counsel."

The company also said it's made significant changes to its human resources team and hired "an industry veteran in HR" to supplement the team, train employees and handle worker concerns.

A Florida statute portraying an iconic moment at the end of World War II was vandalized by a person spray painting hashtag #metoo on it. Buzz60's Mercer Morrison has the story. Buzz60

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Written by top40

Hello Again and Thanks for reading it is I David "IT40" Ellenberger with an update on the status of my lawsuit against Alphabet inc case # 4:20-CV-04877-SBA  and the website and life in general. By now if you regularly visit you may have read this section "author info" or Bio. So I am adding to it with more bio and more info. I originally liked the idea of voting on the internet 20-25 years ago when I first got online with WebTV (does anyone remember that?).

The technology at that time was not advanced enough to easily be able to vote online or watch videos or much else for that matter but I was hooked and look at what we can do now with videos, IOT, and everything else, but I digress. I started about 5 years ago and the user base has been going up steadily ever since. I wanted to be another Facebook, with music and voting and that is all coming together slowly but surely. BTW if you want to help or have any interest please feel free to email me anytime.

Now in my previous Author Info or bio page I made it clear or at least I thought I made it clear, I am personally suing Alphabet inc. in Federal Court for Fraud. I have evidence to prove they are not counting all the pageviews, among other things and defrauding myself and probably millions of other website owners and content creators out of Billions of dollars. So if I wasn't clear or you didn't know it's true I am suing Alphabet inc. in Federal Court for Fraud the case was recently moved from my state of Kentucky to N. California to make it easier for Alphabet inc. to steam roll me or so they think. Needless to say if you are interested and I hope you are you can look the case up online under my name "David Russell Ellenberger" or the case # which is 4:20-CV-04877-SBA.

Now, I want to make it clear to you and everyone that I am not suing Alphabet inc. aka Google for fraud just because I want a million dollars for nothing. I am suing Google for fraud because I think they are committing  a serious crime with worldwide and societal ramifications, it is a  very serious problem.  I am suing Google for fraud because to put it simply the analytics numbers don't add up at least not in my favor or yours, there is something very fishy going on with the Google analytics numbers. Of course Google has an excuse for every one of them but I have reasons and the actual numbers and they don't add up, more about the numbers later.

Companies like Google are making Billions of dollars a year in profits telling us data is the most valuable thing and misleading us and misdirecting the media and the world every chance they can.  Now data is valuable and they are making billions in profits seemingly like magic but there is no magic to it just corruption and lies. One thing Alphabet inc. aka Google is really making their money from and that is advertising dollars and they are putting all of this advertising on the websites other people have created.

Websites that I have created and  websites you have created and websites millions of others around the world have created websites or content. For example Just writing a text is creating content and that's where Google puts the billions in advertising they receive and keeping most of it for themselves. Yes content others have created and yet somehow they are keeping almost all of these billions for themselves and not distributing it equitably to the real workers the true content creators who actually deserve the advertising monies. Google has made it's billions on the backs of you and me. Think about that for a minute, how can they continue to justify this? They Can't, it has to change.

For example if I were to prevail in the current lawsuit just half of the monies or $20 billion put into a basic account and compounded at 5% annually we could realistically employ over 80,000 people at $24,000 a year, indefinitely.  Sounds unbelievable but its true and if we only employed 40,000 people we could pay them approx. $48,000 a year indefinitely. Its all true. Its simply a matter of having the money and the will to do it. Now is 40,000 people a lot well yes it would be a lot of employees but with more money simply put into a trust account we could employ more people

I David Russell Ellenberger through my website am suing Google to try to help right a wrong. A wrong committed by Google that has simply gotten out of hand. Most people may think they can't do anything about it. Nothing can stop Google, the politicians don't care they use all of Googles data to further their own campaigns and line their own pockets while the rest of us keep on creating the content for Google, nothing can be done, this however is not the case, we can do something.

The politicians and Alphabet inc. aka Google have done nothing to help society at large other than organize it so they can keep more money in secret and pay off all their buddies with their fraudulently obtained money. It's gotten so bad that the politicians and others in control won't even talk about it, they ignore it and hope it goes away, they won't even try to stop google because it is helping them too much and maybe they are scared of Google or who knows what they may be thinking. But it looks like fraud and it's coming to an end.

I'm telling you we can do something and I David Russell Ellenberger an average citizen Content Creator am saying to you, I'm not scared of Google because I have nothing left to loose.  I David Russell Ellenberger am telling you there is something you too can do, if nothing else, tell all your friends to come to aka IT40, believe these words and Create your Content.

Further I promise to you and all who read this if we do prevail in the lawsuit against Alphabet Inc. We will use half of any monies we may receive to pay "content creators" a living wage. I pledge to anyone who is reading this, we will use half of any monies we may receive to help those who really do want to work on the internet and create content and tell us what they think. We will use half of any money so you can Get Paid, we want you to get paid for the content you create and get paid everyday and Get Paid to Vote create data and to be able to do this work online and from your home or anywhere in the world you care to be. Because in the words of an ancient scholar Y-O-U are the business Y-O-U are creating all the data, Y-O-U are the content creators and Y-O-U are all that matters.

Now the main thing I want you to take away form this and to know, Alphabet inc. is and has been committing fraud against you, me and everyone who uses the internet. I don't think Google started out to defraud the world it has just degenerated into this endless morass of corruption and fraud and no one seems to care, Well I care and I know you care too.  Sadly Google has been doing this with impunity for years and it is only getting worse. Please don't let them fool you with their lies and obfuscation. Do some research create some content build a website and research the analytics numbers you will find I am right. Google owes you, me and everyone online thousands if not 10's of thousands of dollars for all the data and advertising dollars they have co-opted from you and the rest of the world. So join with me don't use any Google products or file your own lawsuit in federal court against Alphabet inc. I will be glad to help you any way I can and show you how to do it if need be. It will take a sincere effort on your part but it will definitely help your self esteem, society and the world.

Now that's about all I have to say on this subject for now.  I will tell you this if you want more information or you have questions or comments for me, my email is [email protected] Thank you for reading looking and listening and believing in Please tell all your friends about us and don't forget to vote Thumbs up or down and refresh your page when your done. One last Thing, I need all the help I can get I am only 1 person but together and with todays technology we can move mountains and reframe society and our world the way we want it to be. One final note let me tell you about a new website coming to the world called Thank you ttyl


it40 soccer-ketamine

Top 40 Places & Things in the media for 03/06/2019 (Open list) (18 submissions)

it40 karizma-elizabeth-ricky

Top 40 People in the media for 03/07/2019 (Open list) (19 submissions)