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#2 SBA Disaster Loan Process Walkthrough For Home Service Businesses

Here is some real information that might help your small business. Not some BS government cover up of all of its Give aways to Big Business. What a scam. Watch the video to learn step by step on how to apply for a small business loan through the Office of Disaster Assistance.

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#3 Masks? Handwashing? Sanitizer? — How to Protect Yourself from Coronaviruses

Today, we all do our best to protect ourselves from coronaviruses. But a lot of what people are doing doesn’t really help, and it could take away supplies from those who actually need them. Hank explains what does help, and how it prevents the spread of infection to be successful at protecting yourself as much as possible! Hosted by: Hank GreenSciShow has a spinoff podcast! It's called SciShow Tangents. Check it out at

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#5 HBO is making a ton of TV shows and movies free to non-subscribers

HBO is making a ton of TV shows and movies free to non-subscribers

HBO is making a number of its original series and popular movies available for free beginning April 3rd to non-subscribers, including The Wire, Detective Pikachu,and The Sopranos. The move is being described by Variety as a "good will gesture" by WarnerMedia; an effort from the conglomerate to provide entertainment to people stuck at home due to the novel coronavirus.

The move is being described by Variety as a “good will gesture” by WarnerMedia; an effort from the conglomerate to provide entertainment to people stuck at home due to the novel coronavirus. More than 500 hours of content will be made available, with many of HBO’s top series among the list, including Succession, Veep, True Detective, and Six Feet Under, alongside the aforementioned shows. Popular movies like Detective Pikachu, Sucker Punch, and Happy Feet 2 are also part of the deal. Noticeably absent from the deal? Game of Thrones. That’s still only available to HBO customers.

WarnerMedia is one of many companies making some of its programming available for free to non-customers. The move also comes at a time when WarnerMedia is seeing massive surges in streaming engagement. While the television industry as a whole saw a 20 percent increase last week compared to the month prior, HBO Now saw the highest usage on its platform since summer. The percentage of people binge-viewing series has increased 65 percent, while movie watching is up 70 percent on HBO Now. People are watching old shows, new shows, documentaries, and movies.

It’s not just WarnerMedia, either. Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, told CNN that Netflix has seen a surge in streams. Third-party companies have reported seeing massive increases in usage and subscription signups for streaming platforms like Disney Plus. Amazon’s other streaming platform, Twitch, has seen a 31 percent growth in viewership. YouTube Gaming saw a 15 percent growth in viewership during a time when everyone is at home.

Streaming entertainment for free is a nice thing for companies to do, but it’s also a way to find additional paying subscribers in the long run. AT&T and WarnerMedia are just about to launch HBO Max, the company’s biggest streaming initiative to date. Showing potential customers what they can get by signing up for Max, which will run $14.99 a month, by offering a tease of free programming is a smart business move. 

But hey, even if this doesn’t translate to more signups for HBO Max, HBO Now, or standard HBO, at least there are a few series and movies available for people to revisit or watch for the first time. The programming, listed in full below as reported by Variety, will be available to stream beginning Friday for a limited time. WarnerMedia didn’t say when the limited-time offer would end.




Silicon Valley

Six Feet Under

The Sopranos


True Blood


The Wire


The Apollo

The Case Against Adnan Syed

Elvis Presley: The Searcher

I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

Jane Fonda in Five Acts


True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality

United Skates

We Are the Dream: The Kids of the MLK Oakland Oratorical Fest



Arthur 2: On the Rocks

Blinded By the Light

The Bridges of Madison County

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Empire of the Sun

Forget Paris

Happy Feet Two

Isn’t It Romantic?

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Midnight Special

My Dog Skip

Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase


Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Red Riding Hood



Sucker Punch


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#9 Fortnite Coastal Campsites Locations – Visit Skye’s 3 Coastal Campsites – Skye’s Adventure Fortnite

Visit Skye’s 3 Coastal Campsites - Skye's Adventure Fortnite ChallengeFortnite Coastal Campsites Locations - Visit Skye’s 3 Coastal Campsites - Skye's Adventure FortniteWant to thank me? Use my support a creator code. USE SUPPORT-A-CREATOR CODE: X-TREME

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#10 Elusive mid-sized black hole found using Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope has been used to find an intermediate-sized black hole, a rare feat. Story: Hubble's best evidence yet for 'missing link' of black holes may solve 14-year-old space mystery (

Hubble Space Telescope: Pictures, Facts & History:

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#11 Ina Garten shows us how to make her massive cosmopolitan for a virtual cocktail party

GMA thats 2 today! Everyone loves pudgy drunks with big smiles on their face, could be alcohol induced or shes always that way. The 'Barefoot Contessa' star gave a massive cocktail tutorial on her Instagram.#GMA #InaGarten #BarefootContessa #Cocktail #Cosmo

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#12 License to Thrill: Pure Color Envy Lipstick

Here is our PR BS Video of the day. We needed a 4th. Isn't that Karlie Kloss? Why she's married to Joshua Kushner. That just ruins it for all us guys but women still might buy it.....License to thrill 💋. This is #PureColorEnvy– a rich, ultra-creamy lipstick that sculpts, hydrates, intensifies with long-lasting 8-hour wear. #EsteeGlobalAmbassador Karlie Kloss shows us how she transforms her look and her attitude. Shop now: 

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