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#2 Extraction | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you have Netflix and Like action films this one Looks Awesome....Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is a fearless black market mercenary who embarks on the deadliest mission of his career when he’s enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord. Directed by Sam Hargrave, this action-packed, edge-of-your-seat thriller is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, the visionary directors of Avengers: Endgame. 

Watch Extraction on Netflix April 24:

#5 Watch the SpaceX Starlink 6 mission’s 60 satellites be deployed

SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on April 22, 2020. The launch brings the number of satellites in orbit for the megaconstellation to 422. Story: SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites, aces rocket landing in milestone flight: SpaceX

#7 Is Trials of Mana the Best Remake? Full Review! – The Game Collection

Thank you to Square Enix for sending a review code for Trials of Mana. 

Is Trials of Mana the perfect remake?

I’d like to thank Square Enix for providing a copy of Trials of Mana for review, and to let you guys know that while Square Enix provided this copy for review, this review consists of my own thoughts and opinions on the game and is not being reviewed by Square Enix before going live. So with that out of the way:

Welcome back to The Game Collection! I am SuperDerek and this is Trials of Mana, and it might just be the best remake I have ever played. 

Trials of Mana is a remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, an action RPG Squaresoft released on the Super Famicom back in 1995. It was only just recently brought to the West by Square Enix in the Collection of Mana on Nintendo Switch, which I just reviewed a couple of weeks ago. If you’re interested in the whole history of that game and its 20-year long journey to the West, make sure you check that out. And if you like RPGs make sure you get subscribed because that’s pretty much all we do here.

Trials of Mana follows all of the same basic story beats as the original release on Super Famicom. And just like its predecessor, the game opens with a choice between 6 characters: Duran, the noble swordsman, Hawkeye the cunning thief, Kevin a beastly berserker, Angela the Princess Magician, Reisz the Amazon warrior, and Charlotte the powerful cleric in training. You can pick three of these characters, and the first person you pick will become your main character for the playthrough, and will determine which of the 3 paths through the game you will take. I picked Reisz as my main character this time around, not realizing hers would be the same story as Hawkeye from my last playthrough. This worked out pretty well though because it helped me see just how closely the remake matched up with the original release, and I think I did spot a few subtle differences.The story of Reisz picks up with her looking for her kid brother, Elliot, who ought to be starting his training any minute, but he’s nowhere to be found. As it happens, he’s been tricked by a couple of ninjas, Bil and Ben, into turning off their fortress’s defenses. Reisz finds Elliot just a moment too late, and a slaughter ensues. Her brother is kidnapped, her father, the leader of Laurent is murdered, and the Laurent fortress falls to the Nerval thieves. Reisz survives the catastrophe, and sets out on a journey to avenge her father, and rescue Elliot from his captors. Eventually Reisz meets up with Faerie, who tells her about the Sword of Mana, which she may be able to use toward her ends. And all this happens within the first hour of the game, and what follows is a story of epic proportions!This is just one of the six unique character backgrounds that the game has to offer, and each one is just as interesting! And seeing the whole thing play out in fully voice-acted and motion-capped cut-scenes was absolutely awesome, and a lot more emotionally impactful, I think. Again, I love that this is another relatively low stakes start to the story that snowballs into much larger proportions. And the motivation of setting out to save your brother and avenge your fallen father is nice and simple too. 

The overall story hasn’t been changed all that much from the original release, but I did notice while playing this time around that your secondary characters do get a lot more time to shine during cut-scenes than I think they did upon the original release. Even some of the characters who I didn’t put into my party each got a small bit of spotlight for a few moments during scenes that interconnected with their stories, which I thought was a really nice touch. I’m not entirely sure if these scenes were newly added, or if they just happened to be more impactful due to the way they were presented in this remake, but the difference was definitely noticeable. During my playthrough on the Super Nintendo version, I of course enjoyed myself a whole lot, but I think that one of the biggest differences with this release is that this time around, the game made me care a lot more about the stories of the characters themselves. I didn’t expect to feel this much of a difference in the translation from 2D to 3D, but I definitely do feel it. There are probably a multitude of reasons for this, maybe it was the voice-acting that did it, or the cinematography during cut-scenes, or just the less abstract way in which details of each story was conveyed? I’m not positive, but I can say that at the end of the day, Trails of Mana benefitted heavily from the update to modern consoles from a narrative perspective, which I had marked as one of the game’s weaker points in my previous experience.

#8 68 y.o Woman Gives Birth To TWINS After 43 Years Of Trying In Nigeria

A 68-year-old Nigerian woman and her 70-year-old husband are celebrating after she gave birth to twins after 43 years of trying.Margarett Adenuga gave birth to the children - a boy and a girl - by cesarean at a hospital in Lagos on April 14, and is reported to be doing well. 

Husband Noah, 70, revealed that she fell pregnant last year via IVF after three previous rounds of treatment failed.He told Nigeria's TVC News that the couple were inspired to keep going by a dream he had in 1996 that told him he would be 'known across the world.'Lagos University Teaching Hospital said the IVF treatment was carried out elsewhere and the couple were only referred to them for treatment afterwards.

Medics continued to monitor her throughout the pregnancy, until she opted to undergo surgery at 37 weeks.The hospital said it was the first case of pregnancy in a woman of her age they had dealt with.Attending physician Dr Adeyemi Okunowo called the birth "a miracle" but added that the couple took a huge risk going ahead with the pregnancy.

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#10 Mark Zuckerberg: Lockdown Protests Are ‘Misinformation,’ Facebook Will Ban Organizers

Yes Facebook will do anything to pander to the man. Just to stay on top in The United States. You can organize a protest anytime you want right here. Top Stories Today --Mark Zuckerberg: Lockdown Protests Are ‘Misinformation,’ Facebook Will Ban Organizers


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👕👉🏻 News reports:  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that posts and pages attempting to organize protests against stay-at-home orders will be banned as “misinformation.”


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