Top 40 WTF Moments of 2018! "Please Add yours"

This is a list of WTF moments, incidents, news stories anything that happened in the last year that you just could not believe. Please find the story picture or video and add it to the list. Use the “Add your Submission” form below each and every list item on our website. If you need help message top40 from your dashboard here on the website You do have to become a member to add postings, but thats almost as easy. Have A Great New Year! Thank you BTW Top 40 is just part of our name it is derived from the same reason American Top 40 gives for why they picked the number 40. Want to know the reason?… I’ll tell you because back in the 1950’s Jukeboxes an automation marvel of the time could only hold 40-45rpm records. Thus was born The American Top 40 Music Countdown and is the seminal music rating and charting system for the world. Now hear Ryan Seacrest and DJ’s from all over the country or online and the FM radio wherever & whenever you like. Now music players/Devices as we will call them can play as many songs as you have gigs on your device. Thanks for reading ttyl 


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IT40 People in the Media for 12/27/2018

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IT40 Places & Things in the Media for 12/27/2018