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Everyone Loves A good Robot! Our friends at bring us this awesome list of all the best robots real or otherwise. Here is their opening statement.  (Dont forget if your not so sure about the order of this list you can vote for your favorite  robot and move it up in the rankings!)

This week, the word “robot” celebrates its 90th anniversary, first appearing in Karel Capek’s play R.U.R.. What better way to toast the machines than with a list of our favorite robots—past, present, future; real, fictional and Daft Punk.

We excluded cyborgs that were once humans (sorry Seven of Nine and Robocop) and tried to only use one example from each fictional universe (we cheated with Star Wars). If you have a suggestion not on the list or a nit to pick with our definition of robot (KITT? HAL?), please do so in the comments section. And remember, Rosie may have been sweet to the Jetsons, but that doesn’t mean the Robot Apocalypse isn’t nigh.

#1 Wall-E Created: 2008 Director: Andrew Stanton

Ambitious. Daring. Incredible. A work of art. Pixar’s loftiest film yet happens to be all of those things and more. It also happens to be near-perfect, especially in its near-silent first half. Its deceptively-straightforward tale of two robots in love is shrewdly enmeshed in a environmentally-friendly story with a rather scathing critique of American consumerism and decadence. The pure sense of wonder and level of artistry in WALL-E continues to be nothing short of astonishing.—Jeremy Medina

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#2 Bender Bending Rodriguez (Futurama) Created: 1999 Creator: Matt Groening Voice: John DiMaggio

Made in Mexico, Bender is a sociopath of steel (er, well, iron, titanium, lead, zinc, dolomite and nickel), who has kidnapped Jay Leno’s head and sent his own son to robot hell. But he really just wants to be a folk-singer.—JJ

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#3 R2D2 (Star Wars) Created: 1977 Creator: George Lucas Actor: Kenny Baker (Yes, there was a guy inside) Voice: Ben Burtt

Like Charlie Brown’s teacher, we never knew what the little guy was saying, but you didn’t have to speak R2 to know he had an attitude. Despite C-3PO’s protestations, there were no delusions of grandeur—Luke Skywalker’s astromech droid made a habit of saving the galaxy.

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#4 Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Created: 1987 Creator (real): Gene Roddenberry Creator (fictional): Dr. Noonien Soong Actor: Brent Spiner

The sentient android who wanted to be human, this Pinocchio couldn’t tell a lie—or a joke. Data was the best character from the best Star Trek series, and Spiner was brilliant at giving life to his alter-egos: his evil brother Lore, characters on the Holodeck and, of course, his creator Dr. Soong.

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