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What makes a young perfumer leave his country with his young family to set out on his own in London? What makes him create the first non-toxic mascara then sell it so all could afford it rather than cash in on a luxury forthe few? A hunger to find new boundaries and a need tore-invent himself.

When Eugene Rimmel and his father set up the House of Rimmel in 1834 beauty was a different game. Perfumes were called vinegar, mascara was made with mercury and marketing meant a stand at a fair. By the time Eugene died in 1890 Rimmel was the dictionary definition of mascara across the world, he had pioneered hygiene products and cosmetics and turned beauty into art. 

It is this constant need to push boundaries that fuelled the brand for the next one hundred years, that kept us innovating to re-shape convention, create new looks, to give you the tools to explore new versions of your look. 


Sugarpill Cosmetics is a cruelty-free line of vibrant, richly pigmented cosmetics based in Los Angeles, CA. 

The dream began in 2003, when I was a party girl running my own DIY punk fashion line called Shrinkle. While showcasing my clothing online, I received numerous inquiries about the dramatic, intensely hued makeup I wore, which I adopted from performers in the underground drag clubs I’d been frequenting since I was a fake ID-toting teen. Outside of the bubble of color I lived in, beauty brands were only pushing products that promised to accentuate natural beauty and conceal “flaws.” Fashion magazines warned against pairing bright blue eyeshadow with bold lips, lest one attracts too much attention. If you wanted to experiment with fun colors, you had to hunt down theater or Halloween makeup, which often smelled like crayons and sweat. When I realized there was a huge demand for bright, unique makeup in the club scene, I decided to make it more accessible by selling makeup from the theater store alongside my clothing. It was an instant hit, but I wished I had control over the quality, formula, and color selection.I dreamed of a makeup line that offered daring shades other brands were afraid to make, in a professional-grade, high-end formula - all wrapped up in the most adorable packaging ever. I wanted makeup that was unapologetically fun and encouraged individuality and creativity. Inspired by the colorful characters in my life, I began to develop my own unique brand of cosmetics for those of us who did not feel there was a makeup brand that represented our unconventional lifestyles. After five years in development, Sugarpill launched its eagerly anticipated collection of insanely bright eyeshadows on Valentines Day 2010. Within months of its launch, Sugarpill had become a cult favorite of the indie makeup world. We have since expanded our range to include liquid lipsticks (our first shade being Trinket, the original matte-to-sparkle formula that kicked off the worldwide craze!), traditional creamy lipsticks in bold mattes and metallics, neon pigments, vegan lashes, and glittering nail lacquers. We have never lost sight of our mission to create unique makeup for unique individuals.As a supreme animal lover, keeping Sugarpill cruelty-free was never a question. To me, "cruelty-free" isn't just a marketing gimmick. By offering a beautiful selection of cruelty-free cosmetics - most of them vegan - I hope to show people how fun and easy it is to make animal-friendly choices.

#39 Ben Nye

The Ben Nye Makeup Company was started in 1967 by renowned Hollywood film industry makeup artist Ben Nye. Its current CEO is Nye's son, Dana. The Ben Nye Makeup Company issues the Ben Nye Catalog, which both displays the company's product line, and features its use by famous, notable, or exceptional makeup artists in the film and theater industries

Ben Nye Makeup produces a large range of professional cosmetic & special FX products used in TV, Stage, Performance & Film. Used by consumers and professionals worldwide.[1] Providing products such as foundations, cosmetic powders, eyeshadows, concealers, face paints, body paints, fake blood, liquid latex, fixing sprays, brushes & tools.


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A legendary innovator and a tireless entrepreneur, Miss Elizabeth Arden established the American beauty industry a century ago. Born Florence Nightingale Graham, she traveled from rural Canada to New York City, where she opened the first Red Door salon on Fifth Avenue in 1910.

Elizabeth Arden's fundamental belief was that beauty should not be a veneer of makeup, but an intelligent cooperation between science and nature in order to develop a woman's finest natural assets. She lived by her mantra, "To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman."

Miss Arden created skin care products that benefited, not masked, the skin. She not only promoted her concept of Total Beauty, including diligent skincare, nutrition and fitness, but lived it prudently as she persistently sought to bring a scientific approach to skincare formulations.

Miss Arden was uncompromising in her vision to create the new and absolute best products, packaging and services that women not only needed, but desired; whether it was the cult-classic Eight Hour Cream, her legendary Blue Grass fragrance, or a bold red lipstick to coordinate with the uniforms of the women serving in the armed forces during World War II.

Elizabeth Arden's list of beauty innovations is long. She was the first to introduce eye makeup to the women of America and pioneered the creation of the "makeover." With the launch of Ardena Skin Tonic, the company became the first to incorporate its founder's name into a product name. Miss Arden developed the first travel-size beauty products, and was the first in the cosmetics business to train and send out a team of traveling demonstrators and saleswomen.

By the 1930s, Miss Arden had opened Red Door salons in the majority of the fashion capitals around the globe, and proudly acknowledged her accomplishments by proclaiming that there were only three American names known in every corner of the globe: Singer Sewing Machines, Coca-Cola and Elizabeth Arden.

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