Top40 from Biggest Sellers CD’s & Vinyl Overall Music Chart ! Read Buy Listen Share! is going to make this a Regular posting. Top40 according to Amazon in the overall Cd & Vinyl sales. Which simply means out of all music Vinyl records (yes they still make Vinyl records and which BTW if you take care of them will last longer than CD’s) & CD’s out of all the categories of recorded music that are for sale in the world these are the biggest sellers in the U S of A. We like this chart because like it says vinyl and CD’s we cant imagine anyone really wanting a vinyl record (allthough they do last longer than cd’s) except for a DJ who maybe “Scratchin” a big thing in the 70’s & 80’s, but even for a collector whats the point? IDK but as you can see according to Amazon which compiles these charts “HOURLY” some viny’s are VERY BIG sellers indeed! Not to mention showtunes, movie soundtracks and Country artists outselling all other genre’s of music VERY interesting! But like I said we are going to make this a regular weekly chart along with Billboard and youtube video rankings along with our own. Now if you’d like to help us out creating our lists and charts PLEASE email me I’m “Top40” at or message me here on the website. I need help! Any music lovers/statisticians who’d like a chance to make a name because we are moving up in the world according to ALEXA we are up and down but on an upward trend, so Please help us out link to us Like us or just Grab our Browser extension when it comes out. Because we will make you an Internet Star! dont tell anybody but what do you think is all about? its coming soon! Thanks Again! ttyl!

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