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Virginia Beach
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#1 Most searched for and its not about a hurricane or tornado but a shooting at the municipal building #2 in Virginia Beach Virginia according to police chief James Cervera who says at this time 11 are dead and 6 hospitalized. As usual our condolences go out to friends and loved ones of the victims. The name of the shooter has not yet been released but he was killed in a gun fight and was an employee of the Virginia Beach public utilities. Here is the most informative video we could find at 9:05 pm EST and some insti-pics
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Cardi B
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#2 Most searched for crap is most assuredly a Paid for search this girl needs all the PR she can get. This particular piece was related to her appearance in court for a case stemming from a bar fight she and her entourage were involved with in NYC strip club from August 2018. Cardi B. looked like a stripper herself in the court room and says she doesn’t need any PR but thats what she got and she needs it because of that Lame New single she has out (and it aint sellin), she also needs more plastic surgery.
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When They See Us
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#3 A Netfilx release and Definitely another Paid for Search Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us” is a rich, enraging retelling of the Central Park Five case. OK I can definitely wait for this one. It’s going to need all the PR it can get. But Im sure will be enlightening to anyone who doesn’t watch hear or read the news from 20 years ago. In other words you have to be old But it has been retold in one form or another on every police crime drama series since it happened way back in 1990. They always say these aren’t true stories but they are all usually based on something that actually happened.
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Spelling Bee
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#4 was #1 until the big Vriginia beach shooting started to happen and was mainly released on the Worldwide news at 6:30 about an hour or so after that it was number 1. Needless to say the spelling bee went on and on for hours and hours when they finally declared all 8 of the remaining contestants would share the Grand Prize which is a big trophy and some cake IDK Here is a video about it and more insti-pics
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Robert Pattinson
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#5 will be the next Batman. Thats a good one he definitely looks sullen but more like a heroin addict sullen. I dont hink he could jump 2 feet if he had to. I guess we will be seeing a lot of PR about him working out for the role. Oh boy I can wait!
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Maleah Davis
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#6 the poor little texas girl who was missing is now thought to be dead. Derion Vence The boyfriend of the victims mother confessed to Quannel X the mothers spokesman that he had killed her. He further stated that he had left her body in a plastic bag on a rural road in Arkansas across the border from texas. Video and Insti-pics
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Always Be My Maybe
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#7 another TV series specifically Netflix which I guess is still considered TV? Needless to say if this is anything like “Fresh off the Boat” (another show Randall Park was in, he is the guy in the little picture.) it Sucks! IMHO Well maybe not completely maybe its because it so new or the asian looking characters. We here in america are just starting to realize there are billions of them all around the world. So we say check it out and decide for yourself. We might but only by accident.
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