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Serena Williams


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#1 most searched for out in round #3 of the french open. Serena Williams showing off her fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired but doing it at the “open” proves her business sense may come in handy if this showing at the french open is a portent of things to come for her tennis career.
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Keanu Reeves
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#2 Keanu Reeves IMHO an awful actor but give anybody enough chances to do something sooner or later they may get it right and considering they always have someone telling them exactly how to act that ain’t say’in much. But according to Ali Wong co-star in the new Netflix Rom-Com always be my maybe that came in at #7 in our list yesterday. (Another Paid for search) she says hios improv skills are great. His guest stint on her show was funny as Hell. Ok well now we might have to watch it. But OMG Please don’t tell us there is a reboot of Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure coming in 2020 well there is. We warned you! Your welcome.
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Jose Antonio Reyes
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#3 another death search it always brings out the cry babies die hard fans and Fan Boys not too mention the creeps and sickos. But as always our condolences go out to his friends and loved ones.
José Antonio Reyes, the former Spain midfielder who won five Europa League titles and was part of Arsenal’s unbeaten “Invincibles” squad, has been killed in a traffic accident at the age of 35.
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Pride Month
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#4 Paid for search and pandering at it’s finest. The gist of this story is about all the approximately 2 dozen thats’ 24 Democratic candidates who support LBGT rights. And just had to put out social media postings is support of the beginning of Gay Month.  I support all the gay rights but we should have legalized cloning and in vitro fertilization studies first before we all jump off the deep end. There is no doubt that this is the beginning of the end for our society maybe?! In other words 2 guys cant have kids nor can 2 women but they are working on it and say we’re almost there lets just hope they get it right before we are all dead and no one can have any little white babies anymore. Not too mention black hispanic, asian etc. etc. Please don’t get me going on that subject.
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Anthony Joshua
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#6 Joshua (22-0, 21 KOs) make his U.S. debut on Saturday night, when he defends his IBF, WBA (Super) and WBO heavyweight titles against former championship challenger Andy Ruiz Jr. at Madison Square Garden in New York City, live and exclusively on DAZN. It must be people trying to find how to watch it an/or the results because its already over. All I can say is we prefer This mma or whatever it’s called to plain old boxing.
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Belmont Stakes
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#7 after the scam at the Kentucky derby this year we care even less about horse racing than we ever did. We don’t know the names of the horses we don’t know the names of the trainers or whatever they are called So this second leg of the triple crown is a who cares But here is a video and some insti-pics anyway.
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