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#1 Massive manhunt for Waffle House shooting suspect

Waffle House patron, James Shaw, Jr. (C), who stopped the shooting at a Waffle House where a gunman opened fire killing four and injuring two, attends a press conference with FBI Special Agent In Charge, Matthew Espenshade (L) and Metro Nashville Mayor, David Briley (right), on April 22 in Nashville, Tenn. Shaw, Jr., 29, took action disarming the gunman and ultimately forcing him out of the Waffle House restaurant. 

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A massive manhunt is underway for the gunman accused of killing four people early Sunday at a Waffle House near Nashville, Tennessee.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has added 29-year-old Travis Reinking to its "Top 10 Most Wanted" list after he allegedly opened fire at the restaurant in Antioch, southeast of Nashville at 3:19 a.m.

Reinking's alleged motive is unknown and authorities warn that he may still be armed with a rifle and a hand gun. 

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#2 Why Kim Jong Un came in from the cold: 3 theories

In less than a week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that divides the two countries.

The landmark summit, the first time leaders of the two countries have met since 2007, comes on the back of an unprecedented flurry of international diplomacy that has seen Kim emerge from years of isolation ready to play on a world stage.

All this comes before what's primed to be the most significant diplomatic encounter in a generation when Kim and US President Donald Trump meet in May or early June.

Pyongyang's frantic engagement efforts are a dramatic departure from 2017, when North Korea trumpeted the advances of its nuclear weapons program, threatening the US territory of Guam and claiming its rockets could hit the US mainland.

So what exactly has brought Kim to the table? Is he negotiating from a position of strength or weakness? Here, three experts share their views.

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#3 Silent no more: Inside the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal

USA Gymnastics tried to silence top athletes after they reported being molested by team doctor Larry Nassar and as they pushed to meet with law enforcement officials, the gymnasts and their family members told NBC News.

Claims that the sports federation stressed discretion above all else are bolstered by text messages, emails and other materials reviewed by NBC News during a months-long investigation for a special edition of Dateline that aired Sunday.

In July 2015, after Olympian Aly Raisman met with a consultant USA Gymnastics hired to interview possible victims, she said she reached out to Steve Penny, the chief executive of the sports federation, because she wanted another meeting to share more information about Nassar's abuse.

"There are very few people in the loop on this. Very, very few," Penny texted Raisman, who explained that he was planning on speaking with the consultant the next day. "Most important is to address the issue with privacy and confidentiality in mind. I will be working through next steps as soon as I get the game plan in order."

Raisman said that when she heard from the consultant, Fran Sepler, it didn't seem like she was interested in hearing more details.

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#4 Europe puts pressure on Trump to save the Iran deal as Macron warns there is no ‘Plan B’ and Tehran threatens to resume nuclear activities ‘at a much greater speed’

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel will put pressure on Donald Trump to save the Iran nuclear deal this week as the French President warned there is no 'Plan B' to take its place.

Macron and the German Chancellor are meeting the US President this week and both will attempt to convince him not to renege on the 2015 accord.

The deal reached between Iran, the United States and five other world powers put curbs on Iran's nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief. 

But Trump has vowed to scrap the arrangement unless European capitals agree to supplement it with tougher controls on Iran's missile program and future ability to return to nuclear fuel enrichment. 

Tehran has warned it will respond to any unravelling of the deal by 'resuming at a much greater speed our nuclear activities'.

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#5 South Korea switches off its loudspeakers used to broadcast criticism of the North across the border with Kim Jong-un’s regime

South Korea has turned off loudspeakers that are used to broadcast propaganda across the border with North Korea.

Military chiefs switched the speakers off on Monday morning ahead of a summit between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un later this week.

The South said the move was designed 'to create a peaceful climate' ahead of the talks, which are the first of their kind to take place since 2007. 

South Korea's military has turned off giant speaker arrays that it uses to broadcast propaganda into North Korea ahead of a summit between the countries' leaders

South Korea said turning off the speakers was designed to create 'an atmosphere of peace' ahead of a summit between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un on Friday

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#6 Dying to go out with you! Prankster teenager stages a car crash and fakes his own DEATH to ask his date to prom

This dramatic prankster boyfriend faked his own death in an elaborate 'promposal' stunt, that left his girlfriend temporarily traumatised before announcing he had 'been dying to ask her to prom'.

Kiah Keys, 15, is somewhat renown for being 'overly dramatic', according to her family. But her hysteria was certainly justified on April 16, when she received a message that her boyfriend had been involved in an accident.

Arriving at a car park in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA, Kiah's boyfriend, Richard Fisher, is pictured lying on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth.

In a seemingly unresponsive state, she clutches the head of her boyfriend of six-months, hysterically crying and calling out his name.

After a few minutes, the 18-year-old mutters 'I've been dying to ask you to prom', causing Kiah to scream 'you're so annoying', in anguish, before accepting his invitation through a flurry of tears.

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#7 Eighteen Syracuse University fraternity brothers ‘removed from academic participation’ as SECOND offensive video surfaces

More than a dozen members of a Syracuse University fraternity were 'removed form academic participation' on Sunday -  as a second offensive video surfaced showing the simulated sexual assault of a disabled person.

The 18 Theta Tau members that were taken out of classes on Sunday were all present for the first 'racist' video's filming, which depicted members using such slurs as 'n*****,' 'k**e' and s**c'.

That video was published last week by the student newspaper The Daily Orange, which released a second shocking video on Sunday, showing Theta Tau brothers performing a skit, imitating a disabled person in a wheelchair being forced to perform oral sex. 

Scroll down for video 

A new shocking video of Syracuse University's Theta Tau members performing another inappropriate skit emerged over the weekend

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#8 Men pull woman from vehicle sinking in Montana flood waters

Two passing motorists are being hailed as heroes after they saved a woman from floodwaters in Montana on Tuesday in a dramatic rescue caught on video.

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The incident happened on U.S. Highway 2 in northern Montana, which is experiencing flooding as snowfall from the winter melts away in warming spring temperatures.

The rescue was captured in a video posted to Facebook by Matt McCollam, whose brother Seth swam into the frigid, rushing water to retrieve driver April Seubert from the roof of her sport-utility vehicle.

"As we slowly started to drive through it we noticed a car about 40 yards off the highway that appeared at first glance had been left after someone had driven into the water," McCollam wrote. "As we got closer we could see it was sinking, we said we have to see if someone is in that car. I shut off the diesel and there was a woman screaming for help from the car."

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#9 Toronto collision: Suspect in custody after van strikes multiple pedestrians

UPDATE: A law enforcement official briefed on the situation in Toronto tells CNN the incident is believed to be deliberate.

EARLIER: CNN — The driver of a white van collided with multiple pedestrians on a busy street north of downtown Toronto on Monday, leaving numerous people injured along a trail of destruction stretching up to a mile, officials said.

A suspect is in custody and the van has been located, Toronto Police media representative Gary Long said.

Seven patients from the incident were received at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. The hospital was unable to provide details on the severity of those injuries.

Stephen Powell, district chief for Toronto Fire, confirmed that there have been multiple casualties. A large presence of Toronto fire, police and EMS personnel are on the scene, Powell said.

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