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#1 Trump lauds new opportunity for U.S.-Russian cooperation after Putin shows up an hour LATE

President Donald Trump sat side-by-side with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki Monday, declaring 'great opportunities' between the two nations at a time of extreme tension between the nuclear powers.

'It's great to be with you,' Trump told Putin at the start of a planned 90-minute meeting. The greeting came just days after the Justice Department announced the indictments of a dozen Russian spies accused of hacking the presidential election.  

'Frankly we have not been getting along very well for the latest couple of years,' Trump said. 'It's getting close to two years,' he added.

He said he and Putin would discuss trade, military issues, missiles, and China.

He opened the summit with conciliatory gestures – allowing Putin to speak first, and praising the recently concluded World Cup held in Russia as well as the performance of the Russian national team.

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#2 Trump-Putin summit opens without talk of election meddling

HELSINKI (AP) — President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin opened their summit Monday with serious expression all around and the American president declaring that "the world wants to see us get along." Trump laid out a list of topics for discussion that notably did not include Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

"We have not been getting along well for the last number of years," Trump said as he and Putin sat down at the Presidential Palace in Finland's capital. "But I think we will end up having an extraordinary relationship. ... I really think the world wants to see us get along."

Putin, for his part, said he and Trump have maintained regular contact by phone and meeting at international events but "the time has come to have a thorough discussion on various international problems and sensitive issues." He added, speaking through a translator: "There are quite a few of them for us to pay attention to."

Putin struck a casual pose during Trump's remarks, slouching in his chair with his legs wide and eyes low. He nodded along to some of Trump's remarks before they were translated, showcasing his fluency in English. Trump leaned forward in his chair, his hands tented in front of him and frequently glancing over at his Russian counterpart. After Trump concluded his remarks, American reporters shouted several questions about whether he would bring up election meddling during his discussions with Putin.

Trump did not respond; Putin appeared to smirk.

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#3 Trump resists Mueller interview, leaving decision on subpoena before fall elections

© Ting Shen/Xinhua/Zuma Press/TNS
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, front, the special counsel probing Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, leaves the Capitol building after meeting with the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on June 21, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON - After months of negotiations could not secure an interview with President Donald Trump, special counsel Robert Mueller warned the president's lawyers in March that he could use a grand jury subpoena if necessary to compel his testimony.

That prompted a furious response from John M. Dowd, the president's lead attorney at the time.

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"I told him, in no uncertain terms, if that's the route he took, he'd have a war on his hands," Dowd said.

Trump's team has increasingly signaled that he will not voluntarily answer questions as the special counsel investigates Russian meddling in the 2016 election, whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin, and if Trump subsequently obstructed the investigation.

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#4 Defense secretary fails to mention the president once during foreign tour

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has prompted speculation that he has been frozen out by President Trump after he failed to mention his boss during a foreign trip. 

Mattis, who was in Norway over the weekend, has repeatedly sounded at odds with the commander-in-chief while discussing NATO, Russia and American strategy.  

He has made few remarks during his trip, and not once mentioned the president. 

But he has found the time to mention Vice President Mike Pence - twice. 

US Secretary of Defence James Mattis briefs reporters on the plane from Zagreb to Olso on Friday

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#5 Tracing Guccifer 2.0’s Many Tentacles in the 2016 Election

The message from WikiLeaks in July 2016 to a group of Russian intelligence officers who prosecutors say were posing as a Romanian hacker named Guccifer 2.0 urged swift action before the opening of the Democratic National Convention that month.

“If you have anything hillary related we want it in the next tweo days prefable because the DNC is approaching,” the error-ridden message read. “and she will solidify bernie supporters behind her after.”

WikiLeaks had begun seeking stolen files from Guccifer 2.0 weeks earlier, after revelations that the Democratic National Committee’s server had been hacked, according to private messages cited in an indictment filed Friday by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. The organization had told Guccifer that publishing the stolen material on the WikiLeaks site will “have a much higher impact than what you are doing.”

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#6 Judge to hear how U.S. plans to reunite immigrant families

A woman walks past a protest camp outside City Hall in Philadelphia, on July 10.

People stage a protest in Union Square against President Donald J. Trump's immigration policy in Manhattan, New York on July 7.

Police clear the area after removing protesters from blocking the loading dock of a Department of Homeland Security U.S. Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE) office in Philadelphia on July 3.

Demonstrators attend a march and rally on June 30 outside the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in Los Angeles, California against the separation of immigrant families.

People protest outside a Border Patrol office during a rally in McAllen, Texas, on June 30.

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#7 St. Paul, Minnesota city council candidate ‘posts “revenge porn” photo of his wife online’

A man running for the St. Paul, Minnesota city council is under investigation after allegedly posting a topless photo of his estranged wife on his campaign page this weekend. 

David Martinez, who is running for Ward 4 as an Independent, posted the picture on Saturday, a day after cops served him with the order of protection.

The 38-year-old included a copy of the restraining order in his post, in which his wife complains about a violent incident on the Fourth of July. 

David Martinez, who is running for the St. Paul, Minnesota city council, allegedly posted a topless photo of his estranged wife to his campaign website on Saturday 

Martinez's wife of 13 years says in the document that the politician has a 'history of restraining me physically against my wishes and forcing himself on me' and 'has been diagnosed with major depression in the past'. 

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#8 EIGHTH animal dies one day after jaguar escapes Audubon Zoo habitat and goes on killing spree 

Eight animals have now died after a jaguar escaped from its habitat at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

The male jaguar, Valerio, escaped around 7.20am Saturday and was captured and returned to its night house after being sedated by a vet team nearly an hour later.

But in that short time, it attacked several animals, leaving four alpacas, one emu and one fox dead. On Sunday, two further creatures, an alpaca and fox died from their injuries. 

No people were hurt and the zoo was reopened Sunday. 

The male jaguar, Valerio, escaped around 7.20am Saturday and was captured and returned to its night house after being sedated by a vet team nearly an hour later

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#9 British diver doesn’t rule out legal action against Musk over tweets

The British diver who played an instrumental role in rescuing the 12 boys from a Thailand cave last week on Monday fired back at tech billionaire Elon Musk who apparently accused him of being a pedophile.

Vern Unsworth told a reporter at 7 News Sydney that he cannot put to words what he feels about Musk, but is not ruling out legal action.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla, visited the Thai cave where the soccer team and their coach were trapped and left a mini-submarine there in the event it could benefit rescuers. Musk called it a “kid-sized” sub, named Wild Boar—in honor of the soccer team—and posted pictures of the vessel being tested in a swimming pool in California.

Unsworth essentially called the submarine useless.

“It just had absolutely no chance of working. He had no conception of what the cave passage was like. The submarine I believe was about 5 feet, 6 inches long, rigid, so it wouldn’t have gone round corners or round any obstacles,” Unsworth said. “It wouldn’t have made the first 50 meters into the cave from the dive start point. It was just a PR stunt.”

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#10 Trump WINKS at Russian President Putin during summit as pair meet in Helsinki

Donald Trump greeted Vladimir Putin with a wink when the pair met for their first one-on-one summit in Helsinki on Monday. 

The body language between the two men was frosty as they sat down for the cameras save for one moment where Trump turned to Putin and winked - only to be met with no response from the Russian strongman.

Meanwhile a body language expert told Mail Online that two men appeared like prize-winning fighters read for a bout, showing 'no rapport, affection or even admiration' for each other.

Donald Trump winked at Vladimir Putin as the two men sat down in the ante-room of the Finnish Presidential Palace in Helsinki ahead of one-on-one talks

Putin remained stony-faced despite Trump's attempt at levity as a body language expert revealed there was 'no rapport or admiration' between the two men

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#11 Russia says it prevented 25 mln cyber attacks, other acts during World Cup

Russia prevented nearly 25 million cyber attacks and other criminal acts against its information infrastructure related to the soccer World Cup, the Kremlin quoted President Vladimir Putin as saying.

The comments were made during Putin's meeting with the security council organised for the World Cup on Sunday evening, soon after the tournament ended. (Reporting by Polina Devitt Editing by Paul Tait)

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#12 Chicago police release body camera footage of fatal officer-involved shooting that prompted protests

Video by NBC News

Chicago police on Sunday released a snippet of video of a fatal police shooting less than a day after it sparked violent clashes between officers and protesters on the South Side.

The footage, taken from an officer’s body-worn camera, appears to show Harith Augustus, 37, a barber, break away from officers and move his hand toward his waistband. He was shot dead in the street by police.

The video, however, runs less than a minute and does not include sound, so it is unclear what exchanges occurred between Augustus and officers in the seconds before the shooting.

At a news conference Sunday afternoon at police headquarters, Superintendent Eddie Johnson said he released the video so swiftly in hopes of avoiding a repeat of violent clashes Saturday night between baton-wielding officers and protesters, some of whom lobbed bottles at officers, in the South Shore neighborhood where the shooting took place.

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#13 Sasse: Trump shouldn’t dignify Putin with Helsinki summit

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) on Sunday night said he does not think President Trump should dignify Russian President Vladimir Putin with a meeting, given Putin's past relationship with the U.S.

Sasse, who is an outspoken critic of Russia and occasionally Trump, took to Twitter with his take on whom Putin is and what he wants.

"I don't think President Trump should be dignifying Putin with this meeting," Sasse tweeted.

Trump is scheduled to meet with Putin in Helsinki on Monday. The summit will come days after special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of twelve Russian intelligence officials for conspiring to influence the 2016 presidential election.

"President Trump should have only one message for Putin tomorrow: Quit messing with America," he added.

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#14 Axios: Trump ‘lashed out’ at Putin over propaganda video

President Trump in March berated Russian President Vladimir Putin over a Russian propaganda video that appeared to show nuclear missiles falling on Florida, according to a Sunday Axios report.

In the video about Russia's nuclear power, a graphic simulation shows missiles raining down on the home state of Trump's Mar-a-Lago club.

Trump reportedly got heated with Putin about the video during a previously reported phone call on March 20, calling it "outrageous."

The White House did not immediately respond to The Hill's request for comment.

Trump reportedly made these comments during the phone call after Putin's reelection, when Trump's national security advisers gave the president briefing materials that read "DO NOT CONGRATULATE," according to the Washington Post.

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#15 U.K. Poisoning Inquiry Turns to Russian Agency in Mueller Indictments

LONDON — The same Russian military intelligence service now accused of disrupting the 2016 presidential election in America may also be responsible for the nerve agent attack in Britain against a former Russian spy — an audacious poisoning that led to a geopolitical confrontation this spring between Moscow and the West. 

British investigators believe the March 4 attack on the former spy , Sergei V. Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, was most probably carried out by current or former agents of the service, known as the G.R.U., who were sent to his home in southern England, according to one British official, one American official and one former American official familiar with the inquiry, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence. 

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British officials are now closing in on identifying the individuals they believe carried out the operation, said the former American official. At the same time, investigators have not ruled out the possibility that another Russian intelligence agency, or a privatized spinoff, could be responsible.

President Trump and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia are to hold a much-scrutinized meeting on Monday in Helsinki, Finland. For months, Mr. Trump has angrily belittled the special counsel investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election . But on Friday, the Justice Department announced a bombshell indictment of 12 G.R.U. officers in the hacking of internal communications of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton presidential campaign.

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#16 Trump blames Washington for poor Russia ties ahead of Putin summit

People depicting U.S. president Donald Trump attend a protest at Senate Square to support women's reproductive rights, during the summit in Helsinki, Finland on July 16.

Supporters of President Trump cheer as the motorcade pass by in Helsinki, Finland on July 15, ahead of his meeting with his Russian counterpart.

Queen Elizabeth waits for President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to arrive for tea at Windsor Castle on July 13 in Windsor, Britain.

(From L to R, first row) German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, U.S. President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May attend the opening ceremony at the 2018 NATO Summit at NATO headquarters on July 11 in Brussels, Belgium.

Slideshow by photo services

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#17 Two dead in accidents, dozens detained by police in France in World Cup celebration chaos

At least two people died and dozens were arrested after France’s win in the World Cup final sparked revelling and chaos across the country.

A man in his 50s in the city of Annecy died after he jumped into a canal without enough water in it and in the Oise region a man in his 30s died when he ran his car into a tree during the celebrations of Sunday’s 4-2 victory of Croatia.

Beyond those fatally wounded, three children ages 3 to 6 were in grave condition after being hit by a motorcycle, according to the AFP.

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#18 India WhatsApp rumors: 2,000-strong mob kills man, 30 arrested

Indian police arrested 30 people after a man was lynched by a huge mob incensed by rumors of child kidnapping spread on WhatsApp.

In the latest in a spate of mob killings linked to the Facebook-owned messaging app, Mohammed Azam was attacked, along with three friends in Bidar, in the southern state of Karnataka Friday. His friends were severely injured and are in stable condition in hospital.

According to H. R. Mahadev, Bidar district deputy commissioner, the men were driving in the area when they stopped at the roadside to hand out chocolates to schoolgirls.

One of the children screamed, alarming locals who -- inspired by rumors spread on social media about child kidnapping gangs -- confronted the men and accused them of attempting to abduct the children.

"Why were they handing out chocolates to schoolgirls, we don't know," Mahadev said. "Whether or not they had bad intention, we don't know that yet. We are still investigating."

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