Top40 News for 07/23/2018

#39 Apple’s HomePod will reportedly be able to make calls soon

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Apple is believed to be adding some notable features to its Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker, including the ability to make and receive phone calls.

That’s from French site iGeneration, which noted that it’s had a look at the iOS 12-based software for the device, and has spotted a bunch of new functions that’ll be enabled on it via a software update.

If its report is accurate, you’ll soon be able to initiate and receive phone calls on your speaker (as long as it’s paired with your phone), locate your iPhone, sort out a faulty connection between itself and your Wi-Fi network without requiring a reset, and set multiple timers.

Given that the HomePod arrived rather light on features when it first hit shelves in December 2017 for $350, far more than you’d pay for a Google Home or Amazon Echo (but a bit less than Google’s $400 Home Max).

Apple did add support for streaming via AirPlay 2, as well as multi-room audio control, back in May – but that took months after the HomePod became available. Meanwhile, its rivals have frequently gained additional functionality with frequent updates, including intercomandcall support, and the ability to listen for follow-up voice commands. The lack of features, coupled with a large price tag, may have been to blame for dismal HomePod sales in the past few months.

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#40 Someone invented a $440,000 suit that lets you fly like Iron Man

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Did you grow up dreaming of being a superhero?

Well, your dreams may have come true, because a jet suit has gone on sale in London department store Selfridges for the bargain price of $443,428.

Made from five jet engines mounted on the pilot’s arms and back and also of electronics and 3-D printed parts, the suit is inspired by Iron Man, the marvel superhero played on-screen by Robert Downey Jr.

It also has a speed limit of 32 miles per hour and altitude limit of 12,000 feet, and was recently taken for a spin outside Selfridges, where it could be seen hovering just a few minutes above the ground.

Inventor Richard Browning said: This consume's about four liters a minute in the hover (position) so you can fly for three or four minutes quite easily and we have got another version — certainly on a cold day when you get more thrust, it’ll fly for about nine minutes. That’s something we’re looking to improve but it’s the inevitable consequence of flying without wings.

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