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#1 Trump’s ex-Fox News communications boss BANS ‘rude’ CNN reporter from open press event

The White House banned a CNN correspondent from covering an event advertised as 'open press' – after she asked a series of tough questions about Russia and Michael Cohen inside the Oval Office.

The man delivering the news to CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins was the new White House communications director Bill Shine, who joined the White House from his top executive position at Fox News, CNN's rival.

Collins got called to Shine's new West Wing office soon after the staff announced a surprise press event in the Rose Garden, where Trump spoke about talks to avert a trade war with the European Union - without taking any questions

'They said 'You are dis-invited from the press availability in the Rose Garden today,'' Collins told CNN reported. 

'They said that the questions I asked were inappropriate for that venue. And they said I was shouting.' 

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#2 Explosion outside US Embassy in Beijing after ‘bomb was detonated’

An explosion has taken place outside of the US embassy in Beijing, police have confirmed.

The blast occurred after a bomb was detonated at the south-east corner of the embassy compound in the capital city at about 1pm local time, according to a US embassy spokesperson.

'According to the embassy’s regional security officer, there was one individual who detonated a bomb. Other than the bomber, no people were injured and there was no damage to embassy property. The local police responded,' the spokesperson told MailOnline.

Beijing police later issued a statement on Weibo which said a 26-year-old male by the surname of Jiang had been arrested at the intersection of Tianze Road and Anjia Road, which is near the embassy.

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