Top40 News for 07/26/2018

#21 Racist road rage contractor hurls the n-word at a black driver

This is the shocking moment a plumber is caught on camera repeatedly calling a black man the n-word because he thought he cut him off while driving.

Charles Lovett filmed the incident after he was followed home by the contractor, named by ABC 6 as Jeffrey Whitman, and confronted on his own driveway.

Whitman can be seen in the clip launching into a tirade of racist abuse in which he says to Lovett: 'I just want to let you know what a n****r you're being.'     

Lovett walked out to meet him saying: 'You wanna let me know how much of a n****r I am?'

Whitman could be seen sitting at the end of Lovett's driveway hurling abuse at him from the window of his van

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#22 Luxury sportswear brand celebrates copyright win over Nike’s £10m ‘Nothing Beats A Londoner’ ad

A small luxury activewear brand founded by three Londoners took on retail giant Nike in battle over the name 'LNDR' - and won.

East London-based premium label LNDR was formed in late 2015 by Joanna Turner, Sarah Donnelly and Donna Harris, to cater to busy, energetic city lifestyles.

But they were left devastated when American multinational Nike launched their £10million advertising campaign 'Nothing Beats a Londoner' in February, using the letters 'LNDR'.

East London-based premium label LNDR was formed in late 2015 by (pictured left to right) Joanna Turner, Sarah Donnelly and Donna Harris, to cater to busy, energetic city lifestyles

The advert featured a number of stars including Mo Farah, Harry Kane, Eden Hazard, Skepta, Dina Asher-Smith and Gareth Southgate. Nike even won a Cannes Grand Prix for their three-minute ad video, produced by Wieden & Kennedy London.

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