IT40 News for 08/13/2018

#12 Bride, groom rescued from floodwaters by New Jersey police

For one bride in New Jersey, "something blue" became the uniforms of officers who helped her into a Humvee when her wedding party became stranded in flash floods.

The Bogota Police Department said in a Facebook post the bride, husband, and wedding party got stranded in rising floodwaters Saturday in the borough located just outside New York City.

"If you are from the area, you know that it is flood prone," police said. "Within an hour yesterday, Bogota got over an inch of rain. This was not the normal flood!! This came to over 4 ft high from up stream, in less than 15 minutes‼"

Police were able to eventually get to the wedding group using a Humvee they acquired through the military Law Enforcement Surplus Program.

In the video, a police officer can be seen helping the bride step from the vehicle surrounded by water into the Humvee.

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