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#19 California’s dormant supervolcano holds 240 cubic MILES of semi-molten magma

While the Long Valley Caldera in California may seem like a vast and lush canyon, what lurks underneath has shocked scientists.

Underneath the earth of the 20-miles-long and 11-miles-wide crater lies a whopping 240 cubic miles of semi-molten magma, a new report suggests.

The long dormant volcano was the site of a super explosion 767,000 years ago releasing 140 miles of volcanic material into the atmosphere and devastating the land.

What it left was the 3,000ft deep depression, called a caldera, in central California that still has the potential to explode again.

California's dormant Long Valley Caldera, pictured above, holds 240 cubic miles of magma underneath the surface, according to a new scientific report

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