IT40 News for 08/13/2018

#2 US investigators find black box of crashed Seattle plane

The aftermath of the deadly crash caused by a suicidal baggage handler who stole an empty passenger plane and flew it into an island on the Puget Sound on Friday was laid bare on Sunday in aerial images of the wreckage. 

Richard Russell, 29, was a 'bored' baggage handler at Seattle's International Airport. On Friday, he stole a 76-seater plane from the airport where he worked and flew for an hour, performing a loop-the-loop, before crashing it into Ketron Island. 

No one else was injured or killed but Russell, who was married, died in the crash. 

On Sunday, his remains were recovered from the crash site along with the plane's flight data recorder and the voice recorder.  

The plane shattered into hundreds of pieces upon impact and was unrecognizable on Sunday as authorities worked through it.  

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