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#34 Cambodia seizes record ecstasy haul hidden in pet food boxes

Cambodian authorities seized nearly 100 kilogrammes of ecstasy hidden in pet food shipments from Germany, police said Monday, after charging a Chinese national in connection with the record haul.

The suspect, identified as Yao Zeye, was arrested on August 7 after coming to the Phnom Penh central post office to pick up the boxes, said National Anti-Drugs Authority deputy secretary-general Mok Chito.

In total 98 kilogrammes of MDMA pills -- better known as ecstasy -- were discovered in the shipment, which was intended for distribution locally and in Vietnam.

"This is the biggest bust of ecstasy" in Cambodia, Chito told AFP, adding that one pill of the party drug sold for between $20 and $80 and the total haul was worth "millions" of dollars.

Yao Zeye was charged over the weekend with drug trafficking and faces up to life imprisonment if convicted, as police look into possible accomplices.

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