IT40 News for 08/13/2018

#9 Charlottesville on high alert as small groups of protesters march and hold impromptu memorials

Charlottesville was slowly returning to normal Sunday night after a weekend of high tension as the Virginia city marked the first anniversary of the white supremacist rally that ended in mayhem and death.

City workers were removing barriers put up to control crowds who remained mainly peaceful — and mainly angry at the massive police presence.

Around 1,000 cops, backed by the National Guard descended on the historic town to ensure there was no repeat of last year’s violence. They made just seven arrests, three on Saturday and four more Sunday. The most serious was of a Maine woman charged with spitting in the face of a protestor and carrying a hidden metal baton.  

Police made four arrests in Charlottesville on Sunday. Chloe Lublin, 29, from Portland, Maine, faces the most serious charge of assault and battery and having a concealed weapon. Cops say she spat at a demonstrator and was then found to have a metal baton.

Two other arrests were made for disorderly conduct after a 29-year-old man saluted the Robert E. Lee statue and got in a fight with a 40-year-old woman. Another man was arrested for obstruction. 

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