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#1 Elon Musk asks for someone to take his Tesla job in tearful interview

Elon Musk has given an extraordinary interview during which he burst out in tears, asked for someone to take his job as Tesla CEO and admitted he relies on Ambien to sleep.

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The 47-year-old is facing mounting pressure and an SEC investigation over a tweet sent last week claiming to have 'secured funding' to take Tesla private. 

Today's interview with the New York Times is likely to increase that pressure after he admitted to a raft of personal problems, exhaustion and says his friends are concerned for his health. 

Musk described the past year as 'excruciating' and the 'most difficult and most painful year of his career'. 

The interview also raises concerns about Musk's drug use. It claims the board is aware that he uses 'recreational drugs' and Musk himself admits to frequently relying on Ambien to sleep. 

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