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#1 Michael Cohen’s lawyer uses Trump’s attorney’s words against him to showcase ‘criminal acts’

Michael Cohen's lawyer says his client doesn't need to provide evidence that Donald Trump directed him to commit crimes - the president's lawyers have already done that.

Lanny Davis says his client's guilty plea draws on a letter that Trump's current attorneys sent special counsel Robert Mueller admitting the president 'directed' Cohen to make the Stormy Daniels hush-money payoff. 

'Let me make 100 percent clear: the evidence was provided definitively by Donald Trump's lawyers,' Davis said Wednesday. 'It's not a dispute. It's not about credibility. It's his lawyers in a letter used the word directed.'

Invoking Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who claimed it's not a crime to lie to the American people, Davis said that it is federal crime to make illegal campaign contributions like the one that Cohen pleaded guilty to making on Tuesday afternoon.

'President Trump committed a criminal act that corrupted our democracy,' Davis on 'Good Morning America' charged. 'That's what the campaign finance laws are about.'

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