IT40 News for 08/22/2018

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#25 After violent threats, family of transgender girl looks to leave town

A rural Oklahoma school system was closed for two days last week after adults posted violent threats on Facebook against a 12-year-old transgender girl. Following several tumultuous days, the trans student's mother told NBC News she and her family are hoping to move out of town — and have received help to do so from donors around the country.

Brandy Rose said her daughter, Maddie, who was assigned male at birth, began articulating that she felt like a girl when she was about four years old.

"As far back as I can remember, her expression has always been feminine and female," Rose told NBC News. "Even back before she could express that she was a girl, she always wanted girls' things: barbies, princesses, the pink blankets when we would get the bed sets and stuff."

Rose said she was "very ignorant" about gender-identity issues" and "had no idea what transgender was."

"I thought she was a very, very feminine boy who might grow up to be gay, and we actually got her into a therapist that specializes in gender things with children, and they're the ones that informed me, 'Hey, your kid is transgender,' and explained to me what that meant," Rose explained.

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