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#6 Asia Argento ‘admits she DID have sex with Jimmy Bennett in texts’

Text messages that were allegedly sent by Asia Argento to a friend on Monday reveal that the actress did in fact have sex with her former costar Jimmy Bennett when she was 37 and the boy just 17. 

TMZ published the texts, including one that reads: 'It wasn't raped but I was frozen. He was on top of me. After, he told me I had been his sexual fantasy since was 12.'

One day later, Argento denied ever having sex with Bennett in a statement while suggesting the young man extorted her and late boyfriend Anthony Bourdain, who paid out the settlement. 

Argento also claims to have been unaware that Bennett was a minor when they had sex in 2013, despite raving about what an amazing actor he was when they met in 2003 on the set of The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things on Twitter just months before their encounter.

In that tweet, posted in August 2012, she wrote: 'At 7 you were already one of the most accomplished actors I'd ever met.' 

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