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#1 Farmers Almanac announces record cold winter to come

While a heatwave has gripped the Northeast since Sunday, the Farmers Almanac is predicting just as severe of a winter ahead for the United States.

For days the National Weather Service has had an excessive heat warning for several states, and for many of those in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont can expect similar sweltering through Thursday.

Temperatures in and around the much of the Northeast, and portions of the Mid-Atlantic will see temperaturees in the mid and upper 90s, with the heat feeling like its in the triple digit range.

A bikini is one way to beat the extreme heat in Central Park, New York. Yana Villarni, 27, was trying to enjoy the sun in the park in her bikini but had even said 'it was difficult in the heat' 

David Hoyt of Reading, Mass., enjoys an ice-cold seltzer water while seated alongside his anchored cooler in the Saco River in Fryeburg, Maine, where the temperature was 93 degrees F but the heat index made it feel like 103, Tuesday. The heat wave is expected to continue into Thursday morning 

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