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#24 Why the Jacksonville attacker was able to legally buy guns

A mass shooting took place during a Madden 19 video game tournament hosted at the GLHF Game Bar, a video game venue in the Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville, Florida, on Aug. 26. A lone gunman shot and killed two people and injured several others before committing suicide. While the shooting has reinvigorated the gun debate, ahead of one of the most anticipated primaries this year, candidates from both sides of the aisle re-routed their campaigns to make a stop in Jacksonville and addressed the shooting.

(Pictured) Jacksonville Sheriffs officers talk in front of the GLHF Game Bar, on Aug. 27.

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham (right), hugs Florida Rep. Tracie Davis before meeting community leaders about gun violence, on Aug. 27, at a restaurant near the scene of the mass shooting.  

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David Katz’s family had worried about him. As a 13-year-old, he was sent to two mental health facilities. His mother repeatedly called police to their Columbia, Md., home for issues with him — “about 20 times,” by his count. After she took away his video game controllers, “he actually punched a hole in my door,” she once said, according to Maryland court records.

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