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#5 Three arrested in New Mexico Muslim extremist compound WALK FREE, as dad and wife plead not guilty

Child neglect charges were dismissed on Wednesday against three of five people arrested at a remote desert compound in New Mexico, including Hujrah Wahhaj (pictured) due to a missed evidentiary hearing deadline

Three people were released from jail in Taos, New Mexico, on Wednesday after a judge dismissed charges of child abuse at their desert compound where a toddler's body was found, a defense lawyer said.

The judge dismissed charges when prosecutors failed to prepare for an evidentiary hearing within a 10-day period.

Lucas Morton, his wife Subhannah Wahhaj, and her sister Hujrah Wahhaj, left the jail in Toas with Subhannah's defense lawyer Megan Mitsunaga simply telling Reuters, 'They're out now.'

While they won't face punishment for the death of Abdul-ghani Wahhaj as a result of child neglect, the deceased's father Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, and his partner, Jany Leveille, remain behind bars for the charges.

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