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#24 How much you need take home to be in the top 1 percent of earners

The top 1 per cent - it is a phrase you hear a lot, especially since politicians like Bernie Sanders began repeating it at rallies. But what does being in the exclusive club actually look like?

Researchers from the Economic Policy Institute found out the minimum a person would have to earn to count themselves among the top percent in each state, and uncovered a discrepancy even among the very richest.

Mississippi is where the bar to entry drops lowest, with someone having to earn just over $250,000 per year to qualify as among the most valuable in the state.

A map showing the discrepancy of wealth among the very richest in America. Blue and green states show where the bar to entering the 1 per cent club is lowest, while those in yellow and red show where you have to earn the most to enter

But in Connecticut, that salary is nowhere near the top end of the scale, with people here having to earn at least $700,000 each year to count themselves among the very richest.

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