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#1 John Bash defends Mexican-Jewish wife accused of white supremacy

John Bash laid the hammer down on eagle-eyed liberals Tuesday after they accused his wife of making a white supremacist hand gesture during the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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The US attorney said on social media neither he nor his Mexican-Jewish wife, Zina Bash, had a clue as to what the hateful signal stood for until she was suddenly chastised on Twitter for allegedly making it. 

Zina, who formerly served as a law clerk for Kavanaugh, sat directly behind him at the court hearing with her arms crossed. Her right hand was seemingly positioned in an 'OK' sign - which is commonly associated with members of the alt-right.

Her furious husband later slammed the claims and said they are 'idiotic and sickening,' and added he hopes 'people will clearly condemn' them.

Brett Kavanaugh's former law clerk, Zina Bash, is pictured behind the Supreme Court nominee Tuesday at his hearing. She is accused of making an alt-right hand gesture above

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