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#7 Trump narrows list of individuals who could have been behind the scathing op-ed

The Trump administration has trimmed the list of White House officials who could have possibly penned the blistering New York Times op-ed published this week, an insider has revealed. 

A source close to the White House told CNN Friday that the hunt for the op-ed's anonymous author is now zeroing in on 'a few' individuals, with counselor Kellyanne Conway revealing that President Donald Trump believes the writer is from the national security sector of the government.

The insider said Trump remains 'obsessed' with nailing the 'sick person' responsible - while his chief of staff John Kelly tries to talk the president into letting it go, fearing that Trump's repeated calls to reveal the author have drawn more attention to the unfavorable editorial itself. 

The op-ed, written by someone identified only as a 'senior administration official', describes a resistance movement within the White House that has been working to dilute Trump's reckless leadership style.

Trump's hunt for the identity of the senior White House official behind this week's blistering New York Times op-ed has zeroed in on a few individuals, an insider revealed Friday

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