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#13 5 ways the fight for the Senate majority could turn out

It's exactly eight weeks until Election Day 2018!

While the battle for the House majority looks to be moving Democrats' way, the fight for the Senate remains less predictable -- largely due to the clash between a national political environment that favors Democrats and a national map that is clearly tilted toward Republicans.

Yes, President Donald Trump is at 36% job approval in the new CNN-SSRS poll. But 10 Democratic senators are up in states that Trump carried in 2016 -- including five in which he won by double digits. It's a clash between an unstoppable force (the political climate tends to always rule) and an immovable object (the electorates in the key Senate battlegrounds are naturally inclined to support Republicans).

One will crush the other. But at the moment, it's very, very hard to tell which one.

Below, I've laid out five plausible scenarios for how the Senate map could look on November 7, 2018.

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