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#17 Lynette Dawson: Police search home of mother who disappeared in 1982

Police have begun searching a Sydney home for the remains of Lynette Dawson, a mother of two whose disappearance 36 years ago became the subject of a popular true crime podcast.

Dawson, 33, vanished from her home in the suburb of Bayview in January 1982, and while her husband Chris Dawson has long been a suspect in the case, prosecutors haven't had enough evidence to charge him.

Chris Dawson has denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance, despite two coronial inquests that concluded he killed her, according to CNN affiliate Nine News.

It's not the first time police have searched the Bayview home for the mother's remains, but this time they're using new technology.

"Today we are digging in four areas; a small area at the back of the house between the rock and the building, another area in the back yard near the clothes line, another area a little further up in the back yard and around the pool area," said New South Wales Police Homicide Squad commander Scott Cook.

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