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#30 Elite Afghan forces serve as the first line of defense in America’s longest war

When a terrorist attack is underway, the unit is the one to stop it, and they react within five minutes of getting the call. CBS News watched as the U.S. trained counterterrorism forces responded to a simulated complex attack — an explosion, followed by clearing militants room by room.

It's exactly the kind the kind of training you'd see with U.S. forces, because they're being trained to think — and fight — like Americans. If only there were more of them, because they're stretched beyond the limit. An elite squad of about 50 is about all there is to take care of Kabul.

The regular Afghan army has suffered from a series of surprise Taliban attacks. In just one week last month, the Taliban killed 200 Afghan soldiers and police. The Taliban is now "openly active" in 70 percent of Afghanistan, far more than when the majority of American and NATO combat troops left in 2014. There are only around 14,000 U.S. troops left, with a primary mission to train and advise Afghan forces.

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