IT40 News for 10/01/2018

#13 Biden: Midterm elections ‘bigger than politics’

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday called the upcoming midterm elections "bigger than politics," asking voters to see them as a test of "the core values that built this nation."

"Folks, this election is bigger than politics," Biden said during a speech for the Rhode Island Democratic Party. "That's not hyperbole. The core values that built this nation are at risk - that invisible moral fabric that holds up a society, a democracy, is being shredded."

"Our institutions are under assault," he continued.

Biden for the first part of the speech stumped for Rhode Island Democrats, boasting he has campaigned for 62 House and Senate candidates this election cycle.

His tone grew more serious as he addressed the topic of President Trump and the GOP, sharply criticizing Republicans for their silence and complicity in the president's agenda.

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