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#2 George H.W. Bush, 41st president of the United States, dies at 94

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George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States and the father of the 43rd, was a steadfast force on the international stage for decades, from his stint as an envoy to Beijing to his eight years as vice president and his one term as commander in chief from 1989 to 1993.

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#3 Trump Offers Praise for Bush and Will Attend the Funeral

George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States passed away on Nov. 30. Here's a look back on his life and careers in pictures.

George H. W. Bush, Andover Philips Academy Year Book circa 1941.

George H. W. Bush with his wife, Barbara, and their children Pauline and George W. in the yard of their Midlands, Texas, ranch, circa 1950.

The Bush Family in Houston, Texas, 1964, prior to George H.W. Bush's victorious race for United States Congress.

Republican senatorial candidate George Bush shows a victory sign as he and his wife Barbara stand in front of a vote machine Nov. 3, 1964 in Houston, Tex., just before casting their ballot. The candidate waited an hour and a half in a long line of voters that circled the Pilgrim Elementary School.

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#4 Alaska earthquake: State hit by more than 190 tremors since Friday

Since Friday, Alaska has experienced at least smaller 194 earthquakes, the US Geological Survey said early Saturday.

"These numbers can change by the minute, people can be expected to feel aftershocks for some time," Seismologist Randy Baldwin told CNN. He said while they are described as aftershocks, they are still considered earthquakes.

The magnitude-7.0 earthquake sent residents scurrying for cover when it hit about 8:30 a.m. Friday local time 10 miles northeast of Anchorage.

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#6 Get in Line, Long-Suffering Asylum Seekers Tell Caravan Arrivees

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TIJUANA, Mexico—Fermín Campos arrived at the El Chaparral border crossing to the U.S. with 11 family members six weeks ago, well before a caravan of more than 5,000 Central Americans arrived in this city across the border from San Diego.

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On a notebook ledger organized and maintained by asylum seekers here to take orderly turns entering the U.S. to make their claims, Mr. Campos, a Mexican citizen, wrote the names of all the members of his large family and began waiting for his number to be called.

The notebook—“el cuaderno” in Spanish—became a way of bringing order as thousands of migrants have come to the border to ask for asylum and the Trump administration has toughened its immigration stance, slowing down the asylum process. Now it is the center of rising tensions as the thousands of so-called caravan migrants have poured into Tijuana, overwhelming Mexican officials.

As days of waiting have stretched into weeks, Mr. Campos and others in his predicament have grown increasingly concerned that the massive influx could disrupt the self-administered priority system at the border. He is trying to cross into the U.S. and make a new life after fleeing his hometown in the lawless Mexican state of Guerrero, where he said he received many threats from extortionists.

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#7 Police: Two Americans helped missionary killed by remote Indian tribe

© Sarah Prince/AP Photo
In this October 2018 photo, American adventurer John Allen Chau, right, stands for a photograph with Founder of Ubuntu Football Academy Casey Prince, 39, in Cape Town, South Africa, days before he left for in a remote Indian island of North Sentinel Island, where he was killed. Chau, who kayaked to the remote island populated by a tribe known for shooting at outsiders with bows and arrows, has been killed, police said Wednesday, Nov. 21. Officials said they were working with anthropologists to recover the body. (AP Photo/Sarah Prince)

Indian police believe two American missionaries encouraged John Allen Chau to go to a forbidden island where he was killed by an isolated tribe he was trying to convert, a top investigator said Saturday.

Dependra Pathak, head of police in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, told AFP the suspects had left India, and that there was still no sign of the body of Chau -- who was killed last month in a hail of arrows fired by the Sentinelese tribe.

"We are investigating the role of at least two Americans, a man and a woman, who met with the man who went to the island," Pathak said.

"These other two, who have since left the country, were reportedly into evangelical activities and encouraged him to visit the island."

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#8 French protesters clash with police in Paris; 107 arrested

Protesters angry over high fuel prices have taken to the streets of France since Nov. 17, forming roadblocks across the country. So far, over 400 people have been injured, including one fatality. 

(Pictured) Demonstrators, called the yellow jackets, gather around the Arc de Triomphe as they protest against the fuel taxes. French police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators, as thousands gathered in the capital and staged road blocks across the nation to vent anger against rising fuel taxes and Emmanuel Macron's presidency.

Police operate a water canon during clashes with demonstrators, on the famed Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris, on Nov. 24.

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#9 Trump breezes past Putin at start of G-20 summit, exchanges ‘pleasantries’ with Saudi prince

BUENOS AIRES —President Trump kept his distance from Vladi­mir Putin at a global summit here Friday that was clouded by an escalating Russia investigation in Washington and sniping with the Kremlin over why Trump canceled a planned meeting with the Russian president. 

As leaders gathered for the opening session of the Group of 20 summit, Trump appeared cool toward some of his counterparts and was not seen acknowledging Putin, whose country’s interference in the 2016 presidential election is the subject of the Justice Department’s far-reaching special counsel investigation. 

Trump began the day on a triumphant note, ceremonially signing a hard-fought trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. But the summit’s themes of global financial stability, dialogue and sustainability were swamped by intrigue surrounding Trump’s interactions with Putin and everyone else’s with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been identified by U.S. intelligence as the almost certain hand behind the brutal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October. 

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#10 Death of American missionary could put this indigenous tribe’s survival at risk

The violent death of an American missionary on a remote island in the Indian Ocean in mid-November raises new and urgent questions about the survival of uncontacted and isolated tribes and their right to remain free from interference from the outside world.

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John Allen Chau, 26, a self-described “adventurer” from Vancouver, Washington, sought to convert a reclusive tribe to Christianity, trespassing on North Sentinel Island to do so.

The coral-fringed island, which is about the size of Manhattan and strictly off-limits to outsiders, harbors one of the planet’s most isolated hunter-gatherer societies, known as the Sentinelese. North Sentinel is part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a sprawling archipelago administered by India that stretches between India’s southern tip and the west coast of Myanmar.

No one knows for sure how long the Sentinelese—the last demographically intact, essentially uncontacted tribe of the Andamans—have lived there, but some studies indicate the tribe may have migrated from Africa tens of thousands of years ago.

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