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Roger Federer
200K+ searches

#1 most searched for according to Google. One thing that yesterday and today has taught me and that is that even if you get 500K searches that does not mean you are automatically in the Most searched for today. Lets not forget we only see what google let’s us see. Even the “Real Time Search Trends” are definitely not all the searches being made. Google has done a masterful job getting us all to believe everything they say but PLEASE take it from me David Russell from that everything they say is not all there is. They leave out A LOT so is that really even lying or tricking us? Well that’s for you to decide but if you ever want to get to the top of a Google search it doesnt simply take Being “The Most Searched for” that is just what they want you to think. BTW its Federer VS: Nadal in a French Open Semi Final not even the Finals but this is just another “Paid for search” which we will be discussing more and more of as time Goes on. Now if you want to get to the Top of a Google Search or “The History of the Moment Search Trends” list Let me David “Top40” Russell, know we can discuss your options for how to get to the top of one of these lists. Message Top40 from the Dashboard of this website. Ttyl
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Andrew McCutchen
50K+ searches

#2 OMG sports and Gambling related search. This is just another example of inane crap that Google claims people are searching for. Now this is mostly all true but let’s not forget the percentage that is actually paid for searches and the rest is actually fan and/or gambling related plus Im sure it includes people searching for the game time and the game results. Not to mention people simply researching Andrew McCutchen. I mean who really cares if some baseball player wont be playing this season well the player for sure the team and we could go on but here is a Video all about it and some Insti-pics for the fans.
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U-20 World Cup
50K+ searches

#3 The weekend is over but gambling fever spreads its tentacles throughout the US of A Because at least the “Baby Yanks” Won in a U-20 World League Soccer match against the French Team which many had favored to win the entire tournament. Now dont get me wrong this is great But this U-20 World League seems kind of like the All-Star Games in the USA no one really cares and Do they even get paid to do this? IDK anyone wanting to these sports related searches write ups Please let me know.
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MLB draft tracker
50K+ searches

#4 yes it’s the Baseball Draft? well all the major sports have them it definitely increases the awareness and interest in the sport. Highlighting each and every prospect and pick that gets to go to the majors. Of course they dont all stay in the majors and some of these temas get great deals on some of these unknown players. But I hope this is the last Sports related search of the day. Video and Insti-pics of some of the days top pics and or follow some of the links in the title header.
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Hope Hicks
50K+ searches

#5 politics we love politics? No love politics but hate politicians maybe we are just jealous because they won some popularity contest and are now stealing all of us poor schlubs  who voted for them blind. Seriously this lady is one of the white house communications directors that “THe WHitehouse” has sid do not turn over thoise papers to the house judiciary committee, because we said so. Well this is all more B.S. and we should have complete transparency with all elected officials. In fact as we have stated we believe all elected politicians should be required to be on video 24 hours a day. Yes from the moment they take office each and every state and national elected “Public Officials” should be on camera 24/7 no questions asked if at any moment they are not. They are fired or lying or go to jail automatically. So maybe they need 2-3 camers and backups rolling at all times. We have the technology lets make it work for us the “Citizens” for once. What do you say people are you with me?
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Astros vs Mariners
50K+ searches

#6 well at least they have something to say about the game before it happens they always do. And this time it’s really really important Andrew Moore, WHO? will be pitching for the Astros vs: Mariners Tonight. Thank God this list will done complete by then. I bet the final score wont be in the top 7 tomorrow So how do they come up with all this crap. I guess once again its people looking to find the start times etc.
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Harrison Ford
50K+ searches

#7 finally some juicy inane gossip. Harrison Ford tried to get the “Puppeteer”behind general Ackbar fired. The “Puppeteer” guy I believe his name was Tim Rose was being interviewed by someone from a youtube channel and told this ridiculous story from the second Star Wars years ago that supposedly embarrassed Ford and he didin’t like and tried to get rose fired well it didnt work he didnt get fired. That was maybe 40 years ago. Anyway in the latest star wars Ackbar dies so I guess Solo/Ford gets his revenge if you want to call it that and do you honestly think that even happened. I mean who cares or even thinks this stuff up not that it would be that hard to do. Think up crap that maybe happened 40 years ago that might be interesting to people today Gossip  if you will. Public Relations is what they call it. Here is a video and some Pics for all you Star Wars fans. BTW he is also the voice of some dog in Secret Life of pets 2 out in theaters now!
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