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Handmaid’s Tale Season 3
200K+ searches

#1 Paid for Search We wouldn’t watch this show if you paid us. The name alone sounds like a Piece of Crap. I honestly don’t believe anyone really watches this show let alone 200K which is the number of searches people supposedly made about season 3 of the handmaids tale. I predict this is the last season but we really don’t care. So if you like it or want to watch it,it’s on Hulu
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Pokemon Sword and Shield
200K+ searches

#2 Paid for search okay if you like playing games on a computer. We get enough game playing in real life and we definitely want to win that game. Whatever winning in life means I still haven’t decided. We do think we are going to start our own survey and have it every day. It will simply be what do you want to feature in our “History of the Moment” list. As usual you can email me or message top40 from the dashboard.
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200K+ searches

#3 This may be the first real search however as much press and TV as this subject has gotten because of trump being over in Great Britain. I thought this would be #1 but with the paid searches, its hard to compete. Now I am not going to try to explain D-Day if you dont know what it is you are probably an illegal immigrant or never graduated high school. You could always Top40search it
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Black Mirror Season 5
200K+ searches

#4 Paid for Trash. What we mean is the internet is great for diversity but you have to look for it spend time searching for the best video on youtube or netflix or Hulu. What happened to Hulu? Google must have bought netfilx. But when Paid for searches pay for crap it doesn’t help anyone. But it surely points out that just because you have money doesn’t mean you have any taste or writing ability or technical know how. Well effects and technical know how can be bought. But so can everything else but not if you are a drugged out freak who either doesn’t care what anybody else thinks and/or thinks that everyone will love you just because you pay for lots of searches and PR! LOL!
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South Africa vs India
100K+ searches

#5 probably real searches again it’s sports related and it’s about cricket. Now what does that tell you? That millions of young white kids love cricket, or that the U.S. is being invaded by those commie bastards! Uh er I mean Africans & Indians. Just kidding I know we dont have tens of thousands of illegal Africans or Indians. Its those border crossers. we have to deal with that cant speak english anyway. Oh well I predict India by 50!
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Portugal vs Switzerland
100K+ searches

#6 soccer sports related portugaul beat switzerland 3-1 and yes cricket was higher than soccer and what’s it called comes in at 7 oh yeah Basketball. Those bunch of overpaid under whelming dancing femtards the Basketball players oh god I hope we dont see any protests like we did in football. I dont know what it is. Too many foreigners moving into america or is it just that Cricket and soccer have more fans and/or more money for paid for searches…. Or maybe it’s just that normal people can play it and excel you don’t have to be a complete physical freak hopped up on steroids to be good at it LOL that’s another joke we know no professional american athletes do performance enhancing drugs be they sure need to that’s not a joke!
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100K+ searches

#7 basketball no one cares about you today but game 3 is tonight its probably playing right now as I write this last word. But I wont be watching it myself. Good luck finding it you could always top40search it or watch these predictions more interesting than the game itself.
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