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Belmont Stakes
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#1 you have to know that almost every #1 search is a Paid for Search or at least driven by publicity and promotion. The Belmont Stakes certainly is that a horse race based on gambling. The more people that know about it and gamble on it the more money they make the better it is for them. The race itself has become like an entertainment event and I suppose can be a lot of fun if you like drinking in large groups of other like minded individuals.
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National Best Friends Day 2019
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#2 Well thats interesting coming in at #2 your best friend and yesterday Donut day was # 1 so people like donuts more than their best friend. Its not even known when best friends day started but some website said it started back in 2020 in Richmond Va. a bunch of stoners wanted an excuse to party and with social media just coming into its own it exploded. Its not a bad idea and happens every year on the same day June 8th. My Dog is one of my closest best friends.
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E3 schedule
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#3 The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) itself takes place between June 11 and 13 this year and will, once again, be held in Los Angeles, California. This was apparently started by Bethesda a game development company with titles like Fallout , Doom. It is basically a big conference to talk about its video games and others like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. So this might be a good excuse to go to Los Angeles. I’d bet you would be better off starting your own Video Game conference in your town. is there to help if you would like to start your very own “Con” of Conference we will be glad to help with any advice you may need. Dont forget if you really want to get my attention message top40 from the dashboard on this website. BTW my name is actually David Russell, top40 is my handle on the website and the dashboard is not email its the messaging that is attached to your avatar in the top right corner of this website on the home page after you sign up for an account. you would be surprised how many people dont know what Im talking about.
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Eliza Taylor
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#4 a definite paid for search and a Big Who Cares? Eliza Taylor on the CW Show “The 100” married one of the other actors Bob Morley. Bob Morley, That’s a good one I wonder if he is a pot head. Anyway they got married probably to help boost ratings since the show is about to get cancelled they need all the PR they can get. Good Luck Kids
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UFC 238
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#5 this all happened yesterday in chicago and for some reason is only now in the history of the moments most searched for. UFC 238 is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I guess they knew how many people were going to watch it and didn’t really want or need any extra pre-publicity. We respect that in an organization but as they say no publicity is the only bad publicity. And apparently 2 world titles were on the line in yesterdays bouts and people really wanted to find out who won and they could only do that after the matches Hence the #5 in todays list.
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Rays vs Red Sox
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#6 could be real people looking for where and how to watch the game. But we always think sports is related to Television advertising money and gambling and in this case its the Network broadcasting the games that has the most to gain by Bidding up the pre publicity of any and all games. Therefore it is our opinion here at and definitely my personal opinion this is driven by Paid for searches and basically PR.
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Tony Rodham
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#7 and definitely a Paid for Search. Because all politicians or at least almost all of them but especially this one are corrupt scum. Tony Rodham, Hillary Rodham-Clintons brother died.(Hillary is the corrupt politician) We could say more demeaning and true things about Hillary trying to get sympathy and publicity from her brothers death. But we will just send our condolences to the friends and loved ones of Tony Rodham.
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