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Helicopter crash
1M+ searches

#1 Finally Some Real News Breaking through the the BS Google Daily trends. Oh yeah and sorry for the pilot Tim McCormack he was the only one on the helicopter wheb it crashed or blew up. Probably due to wind gusts or we will find out soon enough. Condolences go out to his friends and family. Back to the real subject and that is this a real search or Paid for Search? Well it’s reall alright and it points out the obvious glaring point that almost all the searches in this list are “Paid for Searches” Because no one deals out fake news and BS and makes it seem real like Google! And don’t forget brings it to you the way Google say’s it is. The problem with that is it’s not reality it is a distorted view of reality according to what someone or group of people at Google think it should be to help them achieve their goals. thinks that all the exact numbers for each and every search should be available to the public. Alpahbet Inc./Google use this information to distort reality and shape things to their benefit especially when it comes to the advertising dollar and lets not forget politics and lobbying the government which Alphabet Inc. AKA Google spent more money on than any other business in the United States ever. This basically proves that that they are corrupted and corrupt and trying to insinuate themselves into each and every political issue and politician that benefits them. This is insidious to the maximum. Yes it’s true actual real news does not pay. So Google mostly leaves all the Real Searches out of their Daily Trends list. So in that case Please feel free to let our readers know what you think about our “History of the Moment Most Searched for”, which is Alphabet Inc.’s view. I only add what I think about each search because Google penalizes a website if it is completely viral in other words if we copy other news stories. So that certainly makes it seem like google is trying to be fair doesnt it? Is it good or bad for Google Daily trends to pass themselves off as reality? Or does everyone already know this isn’t reality at all. WE all of you readers out there myself included would really like to know what you think on this subject. I’m sure if I paid Google enough they might let me see some of the real searches.
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Cleveland earthquake
200K+ searches

#2 OMG more real searches and all in one day. Yes there was an approximately 4.0 magnitude earthquake centeres about 20 miles northeast of Cleveland.
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Christian Huff
100K+ searches

#3 Former Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is engaged to her yofriend of almost a year Christian Huff. Who? I dont know or care but this has paid for search written all over it. Here is a video and some insti-pics if your into Duck Dynasty which I have to say I am not have never watched it and can hardly believe anyone really cares enough to search for this guy without being paid for it.
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100K+ searches

#4 now this may be boring and is business related but the company called Salesforce is buying this company called Tableau. Tableau is a data visualization platform that helps enterprise companies know what to do with any and all data that they may amass. WTF? Man If I ever need help deciding what to do with the data we amass here at wake me up because I must be having a nightmare or it’s too late I’ve got the heimers, that’s Alzheimer’s if you didn’t know. Which of course I don’t have, that is supposed to be a joke. Albeit a bad one. So here is some more Data Visualizations about the whole thing read watch and look and maybe you can figure it out.
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Beyond Meat
100K+ searches

#5 Beyind Meat well if you have been reading the History of the moment most searched for awhile you have heard of these guys before. Beyond Meat stock is on fire. (Google must have bought a lot of their stock) Needless to say we would if we could afford to its just great all around. Beyond Meat buy it, eat it, share it.
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Bryan Cranston
50K+ searches

#6 Douchebag Award Uniformed Award, Best actor in a leading role in a play. Yes He actually won a Tony Award. (read in a high pitch lispy voice) In the Play Network, was a movie now made into a play and cranston plays the New Anchor journalist. But during his acceptance speech he decided to blame the fake news on president trump. I use to like this guy especially in Breaking Bad, well he was pretty good in that. But this speech was basically Fake News he tried to blame it on Trump but as we all know the King of all Fake news is Google. No one ever says anything bad about google they are all so scared their page rankings or ratings will go down. SO People if you want to get to the top just latch on to the most corrupt and powerful player in the world right now and that is Google.
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50K+ searches

#7 Paid for search. Ubisoft, they are a video game maker and they gave out all their upcoming games and items of interest in their press release So watch this and you to can be in the know all about Video games.
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