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Frozen 2
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#1 Paid for Search and a Big Who Cares its a cartoon for kids or kids with kids Possibly just people who like fairy tales with singing. Or maybe you will like this if you are a fairy or just want to be one. In that case you should move to the Sudan and watch Frozen 2 there.. Oh just kidding that’s in Africa. LOL BTW this is a remake or an extension of the First one which was just called “Frozen” it was a gas, a big hit or just made a lot of money, whatever floats your boat it was great!
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#2 a nother Paid for search and a WTF is that? Well you would know if you were really into Smash Ultimate a video game were you fight against eachother and other weird fighting persona’s you can take on and it’s just awesomely weird especially if you have never played a video game. Which we of course have but just never got into it except for all nighter binges on G.T.A. and BioShock other than that we dont know nothin about any video games. But apparently Banjo-Kazooie ar the most requested Fighter “Personas” of all time or so we have been told. Well see for yourself here is some video of what they look like and some insti-pics…
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Mets vs Yankees
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#3 you know what we think of sports related searches, not much. Because it’s just people looking for when and where to watch the game and then maybe just the highlights or scores of the games. So here it is todays or should we say highlights from Tuesdays Double Header
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Jon Stewart
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#4 I used to like this guy but now he is a DOUCHEBAG! Shilling for 9/11 first responders. He must have know a bunch of them and not that they didnt scacrifice but they were doing their jobs. They all got paid and then they got extra pay just because they claimed it was a terrorist attack. That is in itself a scam. We here at think that 911 was an insurance scam planned at the highest levels of our government. One of the most corrupt ever. We wont go into the details of why we think this because we will never truly know. But I think the First Responders have been well compensated and Jon Stewart if you arent doing this for publicity which it seems to me you are, you need to take a step back take a deep breath and go back to your comedy routine from the 90’s or whenever you were on tv. We all think the first responders are great and all but we have already given them over 10 billion!!! I think thats enough.
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#5 okay this is a serious problem they nhad a crazy old dictator now we have a military led coup who ousted the old dictator after all the citizens kept beggin for them to do it. Well now the military seems to want to stay in control the citizens who asked the military to get rid of the old dictator ahh who cares about them. Oh well I guess the military types like it at the top. So all we can do is send in a diplomat. Ha thats a good one maybe we should use it as an excuse to bomb them all to kingdom come. Or perhaps just give all the citizens guns maybe then they could take on the military. Oh well our best advice is don’t go to the Sudan, its a bad travel destination.
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Hope Solo
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#6 Paid for search. But Thank God at least we got a Good looking soccer chic in todays list. But yeah its a paid for search the excuse was she had a miscarriage well they had to use something to make it seem like it was a real search and not just your average everyday boring Paid for search. She must be selling something not just that interview in elle magazine either, and no not the fact that she ran for president of the soccer club and lost, It’s got to be something else? Hmm what could it be. We predict she will be running for political office in the next election
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Chemical castration
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#7 yeah a real search and it’s all about drugs. Medroxyprogesterone acetate to be exact the drug that chemically castrates you. Which is a joke. supports real castration or at least removal of the testes for people who have been proven in a court of law to be deviants. just cut it off. For god’s sake its cheaper and permanent. I don’t want to have to be reminded of these rejects every time they have to take a pill or shot or whatever it is. Just make it permanent or better yet shoot them in the head and use them for fish food.
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