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Frank Vogel #1 in our Most searched for and all I can say is the weekends are boring in online land. Whoever he is he is supposed to be the new head coach of the LA Lakers! The video explains it better than I can or would ever care to….

The Lakers hiring Frank Vogel was influenced by Kurt Rambis and Phil Jackson – Woj | SportsCenter

Adrian Wojnarowski says Phil Jackson and Kurt Rambis loved Frank Vogel, which led to the Los Angeles Lakers hiring him. He also discusses Vogel taking a three-year deal and having Jason Kidd as an assistant coach.


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Pua Magasiva #2 never heard of but he’s famous and dead. Apparently he was one of the power rangers and lived in new zealand. The police had no clue but he was found dead in a building in the business district?  New wife and kid along with the kid brother all living there at his home with him and we know what they get in New Zealand oh so close to Indonesia and china……

R.I.P. ‘Power Rangers’ Star Pua Magasiva Died Only At 38 Because Of This,.

Pua Magasiva was a Samoan-born New Zealand actor, best known for his roles as Shane Clarke, the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and Nurse Vinnie Kruse in New Zealand soap Shortland Street. He was also one of the co-hosts of New Zealand radio station Flava.


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UFC 237 #3 never heard of any of these people who were fighting. This is the match in Rio De Janeiro. We feel this started as a paid for search. But there is definitely some real interest in how to watch it online and that is probably what precipitated the searches. However we find it hard to believe there were 200,000 people wanting to watch this fight in rio but unless they were there I guess they would have to watch it online. But according to the free online chat only 876 are watching so where do we get 200,000 its called Paid for Searches and they will at least make some money for someone and get their subject/client/UFC 237 into the TOP40’s Most searched for list and that’s worth every penny. Because they would definitely never get on the list because we really really liked them!

UFC 237: Clay Guida Octagon Interview

Find out what Clay Guida had to say after his victory over the legendary B.J. Penn at UFC 237! Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: Experience UFC live with UFC FIGHT PASS, the digital subscription service of the UFC.



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Alfred E. Neuman #4 we refuse to believe this is anything but a paid for search. All thought the fact that trump an OLD Scumbag corrupt politician  (And they are all corrupt not just trump) the fact he mentioned Alfred E. Neuman is kind of funny and very appropriate. We will say that his tweets do seem to carry more power than any other tweets ever if you like Bird crap that is. But we do like the fact that Alfred E. Neuman aka Buttigieg or whatever his name is, is YOUNG! feels that government work should be a requirement for citizenship up to the age of 30 or so especially if your not a citizen and have no other means of support and only people to the age of 60 should be an elected official and we should have 1 representative and 1 senator for every Million citizens or maybe every 100,000. That would be a bigger better more representative government.

Trump Compares Pete Buttigieg to Alfred E Neuman

Politico had a phone interview with President Trump where they asked him for opinion of Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg. President Trump responded with a one-liner: …”Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States.”

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Star #5 in another awful Saturday of “Paid for Searches” Star, never heard of it already don’t like it and Awww…. its been canceled whatever it was. And the only information attached to the Google Daily Trends link doesn’t really mention what “Star” even is. TV show? Play? Big Fat Hoax? and if the following video “the best of the worst” is any indication its a relief they cancelled this awful show in fact its a miracle it went 3 seasons whatever it was….

STAR canceled by Fox; why? + will season 4 happen elsewhere (Hulu, Netflix, etc.)?

STAR was canceled by Fox. Why did this happen? Discussing that and the show’s season 4 odds on another network. READ about other renewals/cancellations – WATCH our finale discussion – SUBSCRIBE to the CarterMatt YouTube channel –… Connect with CarterMatt!


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