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Grumpy Cat #1 Most searched for today! The death of Grumpy cat, We love animals dogs mainly but cats are really easy to take care of and very good companions we just love them all. Our dogs and cats are literally our children. We send condolences to all Grumpy Cats friends and loved ones.
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Tyreke Evans #2 Most searched for, the dude got banned from the NBA for 2 years because of Drugs. WTF this is complete BS! Our society is degenerating into Hypocritical monsters who think they are Gods simply because of a little cell phone connected to the Internet. This is bad very bad for all of us. Now if he was dealing fentanyl and a few hundred people died that’s a different story. But we all know the problem with fentanyl has been completely caused by politicians! If you even care Ill be glad to explain it otherwise Have a nice day. It is now one of the easiest ways to get away with murder unless your a dealer then they will just blame you or anyone but those poor kids. Tyreke should be fine unless he spent all his cash on blow! The video explains it a little better….
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Minecraft Earth sounds great really great the best game ever. Yeah it’s totally awesome I cant stop playing it. Seriously, I personally never have played the game don’t care to play the game But hey Go for it Dude Low Score Buys. I will wait till they can actually plug into my head or has that happened already. OMG I’m already playing a game it’s called LIFE! lol
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Booksmart a movie directed by Olivia Wilde?? We loved her on “House” that drug addicted doctor TV show. We love her even more now that she is directing her own movie production. We commend anyone who does things like that. Acting is okay anybody can do it, but directing that takes a little bit more. So we say check it out. I know I will. here is the trailer for Booksmart…..
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DJ Khaled okay he has all the top musicians collaborating on his 11th studio album and we only listened to Nipsey Hussle posthumously rapping his song “Higher” We wont disparage the dead so check it for yourself…..
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Psalm #6 most searched for and Definitely a paid for search We do not like people who try to use religion for some weird purposes of persuasion or extra influence and basically just to get publicity. Religion especially christianity is totally hypocritical We think its sleazy pathetic and sad. That’s what these two media clowns named their latest kid, Pslam???? WTF Maybe thats cool in LA LA Land but in my book its…..Well you tell me before I really step in it…. Hey Psalm what’s up?? Cute Kid I guess if you like that kind of thing uh, I mean Cute Kid. Douchebag Rents!
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Salesforce #7 most searched for this is probably a legit search generated by their servers going down. Whatever the F*&# service they provide it went down for a couple hours. I guess everyone was searching salesforce and how to turn it back on or just cancel that last payment. Doesn’t that guy in the pic look like that Professor freak in “Back to the future”?? Anyone? Well maybe the Professor can tell you how to fix it. LOL
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