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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum  #1 most searched for and probably all real searches. These searches being generated by the hype around it and the fact it was just released yesterday May 17th. I will say I didn’t see a broadcast Television commercial for John Wick Not a one. So people would naturally want to know if it was any good what and where it may be playing in their neighborhood. Perhaps a small round of Paid for searches. I would say if you like going to movies it is probably as good as it’s going to get for new movies in theaters this weekend, So Go! Otherwise use all the self control you have and wait for it to come out on video and then buy it or pre-order it on youtube. In the mean time we recommend buying the first two John Wick’s or ordering them on “Youtbe” wink wink nudge nudge and re watching them. Until that future day. Here is another trailer and more of your favorite insti-pics about John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
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FA Cup   #2 a sports related most searched for and the Keywords are of course FA Cup AKA the Football Association not the NFL but the English/British version of a Big Football Challenge Game and Manchester City won. We really don’t care but if you do we are looking for someone to write about it here on In the meantime here are the Highlights of the FA Cup Challenge Game against Watford.  6-0
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Vineyard Vines Target  #3 and we have to say probably a paid for search. Vineyard Vines to our understanding is a clothing brand that is now being sold at Target stores. We have to recommend buying brand name clothing if that’s what your into at a place called Steinmart. Buy anything else at Target if that’s the closest store to you. We also Highly recommend comparison shopping and buying the cheapest clothes that you like and think look good on you! On the other hand if you want to impress the neighbors Buy Everything at Target, FanBoys Welcome. (We have to disclose We do not shop at Target)
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Arnold Schwarzenegger #4 this should probably be #1 but since he wasn’t really hurt it may remain at #4 and probably drop due to the extensive coverage in the Broadcast media. I have to say the “Idiot” was light as a feather or wasn’t really trying to hurt the “Terminator” because if he was the Guy would be in the hospital or dead the terminator that is. Totally fake Drop kick to the back he pulled it big time The “idiot” that is according to AHH-NOLD it was really nothing and he was right about that. But a Great Publicity Stunt!
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Armed Forces Day created by Secretary of Defense Louis A. Johnson in 1949 it is the Third Saturday in may. He must have been to the Kentucky Derby that year (the first Saturday in may) when he came up with this idea Great timing. It honors those who serve in our armed forces and there are deals all around. But you’d have to look them up. Maybe follow the links in the “blue title” (above) of this #5 most searched for Armed Forces Day. The video is a good action promo for the Armed forces watch it, its not bad.
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Fran Lebowitz #6 most searched for today at the time of our sample which was 7:15 pm EST. Good lord this thing is a hideous troll is it man or woman or beast? It definitely has cro-magnon type genes that’s for sure. She definitely stepped in it with her comment that we should give Trump to the saudi’s so they can do a Khashoggi on him. Good one little hobbit person…
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Travis Tritt #7 old country singer gets in the news because he posted death videos. Seriously his bus was sideswiped by a car going the wrong way and the people it wrecked into died or something like that and he posted videos of it or pictures or something. Anything to get onto Top40’s Most Searched for. Good one country singer Travis Tritt, next time post the pics and vids to we pay top dollar at least as much as Google would pay you for it…. Which is NADA!!  But we think this is actual footage of the accident at the end of this video clip..
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His Dark Materials #8 now as we said we usually dont go ast #7 on a daily most searched for basis because we like to add up to 40  for the week. But oh well we saw this and just had to include it. But WTF is it? Its supposed to be the replacement for Game of thrones which is/was great. So we will keep you posted pics and vids to follow…….
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