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Rob Pelinka
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#1 Paid for Search big time because no one cares what magic thinks except magic. On the other hand maybe Pelinka really is a snake in the grass and he paid for it. Needless to say the lakers are on top of the heap. So they gotta make up something to keep our interest going at least my interest. We love personal drama or should we say someone does.
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His Dark Materials
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#2 most searched for today after dropping off our top 40 most searched for daily list yesterday. “His Dark Materials” was in at # 8 two days ago after the GOT finale. Nothing has changed but the PR machine is in full gear. It looks good in fact better than GOT I always prefer more relevant fiction, lets hope it lives up to the Hype. “His Dark Materials” is set in a more current day timeline. If you want to know more watch the trailer again and follow the links here it is the trailer Vid. and more Insta-pics…….
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100K+ searches

#3 most searched for today and we will say timing is everything. But we really are starting to think the top 3 Google Daily Trends which become Top40’s Most Searched for, are definitely manipulated and it’s not Google’s fault “They have no control over what happens from within their browser or their search engine”. Yeah and if you believe that then believe this is another Westworld coming in at #3 is another “Paid for Search!” We loved Season 1 of Westworld heard the first few lines of the original trailer and had to binge watch the entire first season. Then a few months later and season 2 came out we downloaded it and couldn’t get past the first couple of minutes? Tell me Why, What happened it must be me. So I am going to watch season 2 and Season 3 when it comes out in 2020? WTF 2020 It definitely Looks better than season 2 but then again anything could look better than season 2. GOT and season 1 of Westworld can’t be the only good fiction out there, Can it?? OMG I’m starting to think I’ve said these things before and that I’ve seen this all before…… Just watch the trailer Please make up your own damn mind….
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#4 most searched for today and the first real search. By that we mean one that is generally not generated by lots of paid for media promotions of Paid for searches. Then again this is corrupt politicians we are talking about. Okay well the gist of it was Iran says Trump is crazy and contradictory. Trump says they should call him if they ever want to eat again. And I say they should let them all starve to death. Or we should just drop leaflets on all the Tehran telling them to overthrow the ayatollah from within. Yeah that would be good or lets trade Iran for Nicaragua and simply dump europe and the Middle East. We have more problems in our hemisphere and better things to do here than meddling with a Dessert full of psychos.
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College Board
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#5 most searched for more real searches. Pointing out the hypocrisy of higher education not to mention multiple choice tests adding an adversity index based on socio-economic factors to help determine the results. That should be the death of the SAT! All thought socio-economic factors may have something to do with it nothing is ever said about the Genetic factors and what really affects peoples test scores. What do you think? Hey got some Cro-Magnon Genes do you? They were really smart or so we have been told.
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Oklahoma weather
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#6 most searched for tornado’s, Hurricanes and the like, seem to be coming more frequently and more strongly. It could just be the worldwide instant media blowing it all out of proportion. Or more probably its the earth trying to shake this Human Virus.
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#7 most searched for and in IMHO should be #1 and probably will be in days or weeks or months to come. Good luck I’m with you 110% BTW who is your attorney? Please have him call or email me. Let me know if you need any help. This guy is suing the Faze Clan and basically youtube saying that they are taking advantage of content creators and want to change the rules about that. Hopefully this Video will explain from a perspective that is a little closer than mine. But its definitely all true its even worse than that, its their entire business model to rip you off! Wake Up the Dream is over time to really get to work….
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