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Artie Lange
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#1 most searched for and a Paid search started this, Lange the idiot has absolutely no redeeming value and should be flushed down a toilet.No wait I mean dried out ground up and used for dog food. No wait the dogs would get sick. How about dried up ground up and used for fertilizer Yeah that works for me …
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Bridget Namiotka
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#2 most searched for and I guess “White trash” is the word of the day. Whoever this is claims she was sexually abused by her now dead (committed suicide in January) ex figure skating partner, John Coughlin another never heard of and don’t care about, but someone does, How sweet!
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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
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#3 most searched for and a big Yawn. Once upon a time in Hollywood has beens making movies about has beens. What could be better or more well received at Cannes. See for yourself you might like it.
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Stranger Things
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#4 most searched for Stranger Things have never happened on this Netfilx show. It’s just one of those odd shows where nothing ever happens. But if your a fan Im sure this will be right up your alley..
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Tesla stock
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#5 Tesla Stock we have been here before. I definitely like electric cars and I even almost like Elon Musk. But he would have to cut the price of the car in half before it would generate any real interest or movement on the stock. Gambling IMHO is boring buying overpriced electric cars cut by $2-$3000 is not much better. Now buying half priced Tesla electric cars, We would do That.
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Oculus Quest
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#6 most searched for and another Paid for search. Earbuds are bad enough but putting blinders on and earbuds to play some game, you couldn’t get me to do it if you gave the damn things away. Now once they get the bugs ironed out and can jack directly into my brain We would do that and probably be willing to pay.
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Jeanie Buss
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#7 Jeanie Buss owner of the Los Angeles lakers and obviously not cut out to be a manager owner. Has made all the wrong decisions in hiring firing and nothing really happens its a complete joke and so is Magic Johnson and his little comments about nothing and all meaning nothing. For a team that is worse than nothing. Okay well see what happens this year..
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