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#1 most searched for today Moby the Homosexual OMG this guy had a few good songs and it has apparently gone to his head. His book which you couldn’t pay me to read entitled “Then it fell Apart” should more appropriately be titled “I’m a Girl in a man’s world and a depressed android body” or something ridiculous like that.  I don’t think he has ever even had sex with a female let alone dated one. Aww how sweet he’s a virgin. But he definitely thinks he dated Natalie Portman. LOL  Personally I think he is a self loahting homo with insecurities relating to body image issues. In other words he is a lying freak who’s lucky he hasn’t gone to prison, because he would be jail bait for sure.
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Kylie Skin
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#2 most searched it’s Kylie Jenner’s newest beauty & skincare product line Kylie Skin, Which I have no idea if it’s any good or if it’s worth the price. Needless to say she had a big Launch party for Kylie Skin. And all her backstabbing friends were there to smile and Kiss ass. My god they are all so good at that, I guess that’s what it takes to get to the top of the “Super White Trash Heap” or excuse me I mean LA LA Land. Seriously though I would definitely kiss her ass myself for free she wouldn’t even have to take any pictures or videos unless she really wanted to show them all that she actually does have exquisite taste in men and is a very good judge of character.
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Juwan Howard
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#3 sports realted searches are always questionable because of people looking for the game or the results of the game. Which IMHO is a little bit different than searching for real information. Needless to say we have only heard Good things about Juwan Howard who actually played at michigan back in the 92-93 NCAA championship games. We wish him and the wolverines Good Luck..
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#4 most searched for Drake is he a Toronto Raptors fan? We think so But the other teams (Millwaukee Bucks) Former Antetokounmpo’s Agent doesn’t like it. What a joke if that’s what they gotta do to get those ratings up. Let Drake and some Agent troll for searches online or whatever they think they are doing Because no one else cares That’s for sure Especially not me. But maybe you do and that’s why its #4 Video and Insta-pics to follow….
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Jessica Alba
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#5 She is one hot mother. Jessica Alba seems a little disingenuous when she says she needs a shot of tequila to have a sex scene with some hot stranger. But it is quite possible women are different than men and maybe her marriage is strained and she doesn’t want to give the Hubby an out. On the other hand maybe they need the money otherwise why do it if it’s that awful. But we do all know sex sells and she definitely has that, Sex-y Appeal.
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Aaron Rodgers Game of Thrones
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#6 this is definitely a paid for Search because no one cares what Aaron Rodgers (quarterback from the Green Bay Packers) thinks about Game of Thrones. Obviously someone is promoting him for something after football as he was apparently an extra in the final episode. SO who would care and why the answer is Aaron Rodgers and his Agent thats who. maybe some fans but now one would have know it unless they did a publicity campaign about this very topic surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the Game of Thrones it’s this kind of a search trend that really don’t care for. But at least it’s more interesting than “Horse racing in Ireland”
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Joe Jonas
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#7 and this kind of crap pisses me off more than any other type of search. Because the only reason we even know about it is those “two’s” publicists. Like anyone cares about them anyway I’m talking about the publicists PR Agents or Firms or maybe it’s just a friend or an attorney who sends out the Press Releases or just calls them on the phone or private messaging. But is’s definitely someone with a vested interest in these “two” so called stars careers. However it is quite possible no one cares or even thinks about how this particular bit of information got into their heads in the first place. Okay we Love Joe Jonas he can really dance and sing better than anyone else ever. AND Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones OMG she is the best actress ever she can act like nobody’s business and if a good director tells her what to do and gives her the proper motivation, she can cry on cue. That my friends is talent, raw unadulterated talent  and Beauty well I could go on and on about that, But Please I’m already over it. Here is a video of those “two” and some insti-pics for your to swoon over….

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