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#1 most searched for the weather and tornadoes. Tornadoes are definitely one of my favorite types of videos to watch as far as the weather goes. I would personally love to see a tornado for real but not so much to chase them. However we do still have a $50 dollar bounty for any original footage of tornado video upload them to our site and we will pay you for it but that’s easier said than done. Most TV stations will pay way more than that for good Tornado video. Last comment I will make about this most searched for which we of course determined are all real searches and that is 3 people did perish in a small town outside of Jefferson City, Mo (which is the capitol of the state) called Golden City and all I can say is they were lucky. And condolences to any family and loved ones you know who you are. Here is the video of the tornado and some insta-pics of other tornadoes…..
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Terminator: Dark Fate
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#2 most searched for and Definitely a Paid for search. We loved the first couple terminators but IMHO it just seemed to get worse and more unbelievable as the terminators went on. Schwarzenegger and Hamilton have too much baggage to be believable. I mean I just cant see anyone’s Grandma as a Bad Ass maybe its my chauvinism or its just so completely unbelievable its gotta be fake because no body’s grandma could do that. Or maybe it’s just the new “Me Too” coming out in movies that will probably be a flop! Who knows I’ve been wrong before so go see it for yourself.
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#3 we have to say this is a go see for sure and let us know what you think. Probably more Paid Searches started this as usual for a movie PR is always at the top of the list of things to do.  We like the director and all the actresses in this Comedy and just for that says Go see it with our blessing..
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Rahul Gandhi
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#4 Who cares and Good Riddance, anyone who has grown up in some kind of political dynasty doesn’t deserve a thing and probably wouldn’t even care if they did loose everything politically speaking that is. I believe change is good and Modi is definitely a change for the better. One thing I can say there are too many of them for sure and any change brings hope for better things to come. Of course we know that’s not always true. We american’s should all thank our lucky stars we don’t have to live there, most of us really don’t have a clue how good we have it. IMHO
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Red Sox vs Blue Jays


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#5 now is this a Paid for search for some new gambling model called the SportsLine Projection Model? Or was it because everyone was clamoring to see the game or the scores of the 4 game series… NOT. Baseball is for drunks and old people and poor little kids who have to put up with the old people trying to re-live some fantasy they have been spoon fed since birth. Baseball is the most boring sport on earth besides golf. The SportsLine Projection Model and other gambling websites along with all the advertising dollars being wasted on it IMHO are the only things keeping it in the public eye. But What else is there? Plenty Other sports for starters, that’s for sure take your pick……
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John Walker Lindh
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#6 this guy who has been in prison for joining up with ISIS and participating in fighting against americans (What a douche bag he should have gotten the death penalty.) is getting out. I say just release his address to the public keep on eye on him and let the chips fall where they may. If he is not planning on joining back up then who cares if he opens his mouth too big hopefully someone will shut it for the sake of the rest of us.  The other option is to just put an implant in him with GPS and some plastic explosives and a remote detonator and send him back to Afghanistan. He may be able to redeem himself after all and find some goats and virgins.
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Luann de Lesseps
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#7 Damn she is too hot. She wins the hottie prize for today. But the alcohol isn’t helping her I know people just like her and I hope she gets it under control. I must say the Housewives gig isn’t helping either it just eggs her on. In that light however this could just be another publicity stunt. You know what they say “No publicity is bad publicity and any publicity is Good publicity likewise bad publicity is good publicity” OMG What a way to live they should be paying her a million per episode Good Luck de lesseps… And Oh Yeah we knew there was a reason for this little PR Campaign She has a new Line coming out of what I don’t know but I’m sure everyone is going to want some, I know I do Call Me!


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