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#1 Paid for Search not that Aladdin isn’t worth a look, it is. But you know likes to tell you how it is. And of course aladdin, Disney and all the stars involved have PR firms and/or people who will just do whatever they are told to do, by any number of the people involved with this production thatis just common sense. Again we say “not that Aladdin is not worth a look because it is, Worth A look”  but that is as far as we will go. Except to say you probably won’t regret it.
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Theresa May
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#2 most searched for and all we can say is All Politicians become lying douche bags. Teresa May just happened to be one of the biggest of all time at least in Britain. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.
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Adam Levine
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#3 another one bites the dust, Adam Levine says he is leaving The Voice. Boo Hoo. Poor little baby of course they are leaving on Good terms he is not an idiot. It was the best job he ever had..
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Naomi Wolf
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#4 most searched for being the biggest idiot in the world (at the moment) apparently wrote a book about how awful they were in the victorian era executing people for sodomy and the like. Which she found out live on air was completely untrue. What a moron to have written a book based on lies that she actually thought were true. Because she didn’t know the legal victorian definition of “Death Recorded” it doesnt mean the actually executed the people. Its hard to believe she is that uniformed and a pathetic Blowhard  but maybe she will sell a few million more books because of it? But I seriously doubt it only time will tell. Listen in to the on air banter as she was on broadcaster Mathew Sweets radio show.
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David Bakhtiari
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#5 We have to say is another Paid for Search we never heard of this guy David Bakhtiari but he is a teammate of Aaron Rodgers and they somehow got into a public beer chugging contest, Which Rodgers lost. All we have to say is What’s up with Aaron Rodgers? Maybe they are just trying to get their ratings up?
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Jussie Smollett
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#6 More Super DoucheBag news the case against The Swollen Douchebag Jussie Smollet will all be revealed soon. A judge ruled he doesnt have any expectation of privacy since he gave interviews all about what supposedly happened. Will we care? Will we like him again? Will he receive more Death threats and have to go into hiding? We will find out and soon. Will keep you posted with all the Most Searched for Topics and Keywords of the Day. Same Bat-time Same Bart Chanel…..
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Christian Yelich
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#7 OMG Another paid for search and its sports related as if anyone cared about Christian Yelich But he can drink faster than Aaron Rodgers!
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