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At 7:20 pm EST took our first “Daily Trends Search Sample” and OMG the Memorial Day weekend is here and there are at least 3 sports related searches in the Top 7. As you can see below and we are not going to say anything about it for now except we may start doing our Daily “Most Searched for” minus any sports related searches, what do you think about that? Well on second thought then we wouldn’t be so objective would we but then what about all the paid for searches? That’s not very objective at all but Google leads all of us to believe that it is. Okay we will simply continue to do whatever Google tell’s us to do. We are a good little website now aren’t we.’s Most Searched for, we will take another Google Daily Trends search sample in another hour and see where we are at then. But on a day like today predicts nothing much will change but we shall see.


Barcelona vs Valencia
200K+ searches

#1 most searched for on the weekend soccer finals Valencia wins it for the eighth time.But as we mentioned above this is just the first of five and it is the #1 sports related search in todays list. We waited unil 9pm to take this sample and there are actually more sports related searches see for yourself….
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Miranda Elish
100K+ searches

#2 most searched for and another sports related but it goes in the WHo Cares category. This girl plays college softball and apparently wasnt paying attention or it was too fast for her girly reactions lol thats a joke. But the ball her teammate threw somehow hit her in the face lol good one but if it gets you into Top40’s most searched for it was worth it….
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Amanda Eller
100K+ searches

#3 most searched for not a Paid for Search but she paid for it in PAIN. THis lady was lost in Hawaii for 2 weeks. If it wasn’t a Paid for search it was a planned for PR campaign. Now of course we are skeptics and dont beleeive a word anyone says, or we just cant believe how stupid some people are getting lost for two weeks on an island. OMG you could walk across the whole island in less time than that. And this person doesn’t seem like anidiot. SO she planned it to get onto our list. Well she is no worse for wear and is now famous worldwide for being an idiot. but we will give her the benefit of a doubt as she claims she was injured. Okay #3 most searched for Amanda Eller Good Job on getting found. WHat did you do get lost in a field of high grade weed and eat it for 2 weeks Yeah Right we do believe that …..
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Jon Voight
50K+ searches

#4 most searched for Jon Voight saying he thinks Trump is as good as Lincoln. Well that maybe true because Lincoln ruled over the country during the civil war and the Democrats are like Slave Owners as they want to turn the Government into a feeding trough for the poor and disenfranchised. Same thing as slavery we get it Jon Voight and thats a very good point you brought to light Thank you and Bless your cotton pickin heart you are the man of the people. A true saint among men. Godspeed.
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Yankees vs Royals
50K+ searches

#5 most searched for and anothe sports related serarch god only knows what 6 & 7 would be. So we will stop here because we cant stand another sports related search in Top40’s Most Searched for for 05/26/2019 Have a Great Day.
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