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Here are the Most searched for terms according to Internet Top 40 and Google Lets Take a look at 12 noon *today…

Sports related searches and more death searches from noon *today, then at 3 pm….

OH lord it just keeps getting…better…..more sports racing and Death searches that is wonderful and we just cant take it anymore so for *today’s Top40 Most searched for……Here is #1

Indy 500
500K+ searches

Indy 500

#1 today we are going to substitute the descriptive words such as great and awesome for what we really mean which are words like awful, terrible and total crap just kidding see for yourself. So todays number 1 is totally awesome sports related if you call driving a car in circles a sport Indy 500




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Indy 500 start time
500K+ searches

#2 OMG totally awesome and Great the indy 500 start time this has got to be the most awesome search ever.
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Bart Starr
200K+ searches

#3 Bart Star who was a definite sports hero and a legend in his own time if your really into old sports hero’s, died today. Our condolences go out to his friends and family
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Monaco Grand Prix
200K+ searches

#4 more great and awesome searches we cant think of a more fun and better thing to search for on this memorial weekend. Great Job Paid for Searches. More sports related searches if you call driving around the curvy  city streets of Monaco a sport
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Rod Bramblett
100K+ searches

#5 finally another dead guy and his wife who also died in a car wreck with him. Rob Bramblet (who we never heard of but he is definitely famous now) was the voice of Auburn Sports. So out go More condolences to friends and family and we just have to end it on that note because even more searches are too awesome and great on this memorial weekend. Have a great day!

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